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Dec 20, 2010 01:19 AM

Memory Lane is Kaput

Going back to DC for the first time in a long time and here is where I can't have lunch: Sholl's Cafeteria, Reeves' Bakery and Restaurant, Sherrill's. Here is where I can't buy pastry: Avignon Freres. Here is where I can't buy candy: Velati's Caramels. And the places I remember so well but can't think of their names---Cuban on Columbia Road, Greek at Dupont Circle---I bet they're gone too. Good grief---where do you people eat?

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  1. Umm, just in case this is not a rhetorical question...if you spend 5 minutes browsing this board, you will find hundreds of places currently keeping DC diners delighted. :)

    1. Actually, you can still buy Velatis Caramels:

      Do you live someplace where nothing ever closes, nothing ever changes?