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Dec 19, 2010 08:01 PM

pappardelle vs tagliatelle

I've been focusing on northern italian cuisine lately. The meat sauce I've been preparing is a 1/2 and 1/2 of veal and pork with some carrot, onion, garlic, rosemary and just a little bit of pureed tomato. I was using fresh tagliatelle but by chance used fresh pappardelle tonight. Wow - what a difference. The sauce has been great -consistently ( don't use chuck in place of veal - trust me). The pappardelle got coated in the meat sauce/fat/grease - and yet the flavor of the pasta came through underneath. Has anyone else noticed this difference? Does anyone have a preference and why? If tagliatelle is used for thick sauces like pappardelle -how does one decide. I did feel the pappardelle dish was more hearty compared to the tagliatelle but flavor wise the pappardelle was hands down the winner. Your thoughts?

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  1. Tagliatelle and fettuccine are kissing cousins, while pappardelle is the uncle. They are all part of the same family and can be used as you like, though pappardelle is typically used with a ragu of wild boar. If they are home made or fresh from the same producer, they flavor should be fairly comparable. I am surprised that you noticed that much of a difference, but you should definitely use the one that you find most tasty!

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      I'm wondering if there is some crude analog of the stuff discussed in this post going on here in this case with a ratio difference between the pasta and the sauce per bite/chew? Just speculating...

      ETA: Per bite/chew = per mouthful

    2. It's all good! Ain't it?! LOL

      1. Pappardelle are Tuscany-Romagna version of tagliatelle from Emilia: an egg pasta that perfectly matches with game (hare, wild boar), meat and mushrooms. The dough is exactly the same: eggs and flour, and like tagliatelle their surface should be pretty rough, that’s way one should prepare hand-made pappardelle with a wooden rolling-pin and not with the pasta machine, which smoothen them too much.
        The only real difference lies in dimension: pappardelle are wider than tagliatelle – one pappardella is one and a half tagliatella and slightly thicker.


        1. My wife is a Pappardelle fanatic. (I also love it too, but don't feel like I am cheating on Pappardelle when i eat other pasta.) I think it is the nice wide ribbons... Great chance to grab lots of stuff, like you and others have mentioned.

          I just got my first pasta machine and need to get a pappardelle attachement!


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            <I just got my first pasta machine and need to get a pappardelle attachement!>

            Never seen one of those! It'd probably be a little cheaper to just use a knife after rolling the sheets out, no?