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What's Open on Christmas Day That's Not Chinese or Middle Eastern?

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Looking for restaurants open on Christmas Day that aren't Chinese or Middle Eastern around Mercer or Northern Burlington County areas. Any ideas?

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  1. Not sure what restaurants are there, but Indian restaurants seem a good bet.

    1. Kosher Deli?

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      1. re: GraydonCarter

        Not this year!

      2. Not exactly your requested locale, but got an email today advertising that the Shrewsbury Le Peep is open 8am to 2pm Christmas day.

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        1. re: jfedorko

          Starbucks, lol. But seriously, regular restaurants are all closed, and they should be, their employees should have that day off.

          So the choices would be ethnic non-Christian places, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern (not Greek)and probably "kosher-style" delis. (It's a Saturday this year).

          1. re: menton1

            I fear you are right, however, I don't care for Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern. Kosher works, but there isn't really an offering local to me. Oh well, looks like I'll be staying home and cooking!

            1. re: Gwendolen

              Diners might be open.

        2. Perkins might be open - the one in East Windsor was last Christmas .

          1. Checkout The Farnsworth House in Bordentown. They are open on Thanksgiving, and I am pretty sure that they do Christmas as well. I'll follow up with them one night this week if I stop in for drinks and find out for you! -mJ

            Farnsworth House
            135 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505

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              Stopped in last night, and yes indeed, The Farnsworth House will be open with their full menu. Great option! Cheers, and Merry Christmas! -mJ

              Farnsworth House
              135 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505

            2. for a solid basic diner option...Broad St Diner in Hamilton is open all day Christmas