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Dec 19, 2010 04:33 PM

Do you ever get tired of making the same dish?

For every holiday and celebration, I am expected to make the deviled eggs. My mom used to make them, but one year (about 20 years ago) she deviated from our traditional family recipe, and my oldest sister appointed me the deviled egg maker. Now, all nieces and nephews, sisters and BILs, cousins, etc. claim mine are the best and I must make them. They have even all purchased me deviled egg dishes for every occasion; and I do mean every. Funny thing is, I don't even like deviled eggs--I eschew all things with mayo.

Today, I found myself making toffee. I love a good butter toffee with almonds and chocolate. Most years I make a batch before T'Giving and one before Christmas and enjoy the process. But this year has been hectic, both at work and at home, and toffee making is time consuming and exacting. And yet, if I don't make it, family, friends, coworkers will bitch (I know, I skipped the Thanksgiving batch, and they're all talking).

So I was wondering, is there any particular dish you make every year or every holiday, that you would like to omit from your repertoire? Deviled eggs that bore you or toffee that takes too much time?

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  1. Crab Dip. Made the mistake of making this for my ex girlfriend's housewarming party and now for the past 5 years, I am constantly harrassed to make it for any kind of gathering. I finally got tired of it, and printed out recipes for those who asked about it. want crab dip? make it yourself!!

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    1. re: Antonio Montana

      would you be willing to share the Crab Dip recipe with your fellow Hounds as well?

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Folks, we split that crab dip recipe into a new topic on the Home Cooking board. You can find that post here:

    2. Turkey at Christmas. If it were up to me, I'd never make it again.

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        1. re: Harters

          Same here. If I never have to make another Thanksgiving turkey, I'll die a happy woman.

          On the other hand, my family loves my mashed potatoes. I enjoy eating them too and am happy to receive their adoration.

        2. re: Indirect Heat

          turkey at thanksgiving, roast beef at christmas, ham at new years!

        3. i never get tired of making my grandmothers cucumber salad..even tho it takes 2 days to make...

          she died in 2008 and it always reminds me of her and memories of summers when i was a kid and she would make it for us

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          1. re: srsone

            I would love to know the recipe if you are so inclined . . .

            1. re: guilty

              slice peeled cucumbers very thin (i use a mandolin) layer them in a bowl covering each layer in kosher salt..let them sit over night or a day...drain the water and gently squeeze any remaining water from the cucumber slices...
              then mix heavy cream and vinegar and sugar together in a bowl..
              i use a small pint of heavy cream and usually a tablespoon or two of vinegar and a couple of spoons of sugar... i have a copy of my grandmothers recipe somewhere in my books if u want exact amounts...
              but now i just do it by taste until it tastes like hers did...
              then u mix the cucumbers and cream mix and then let that sit over night again
              and re mix again before serving...

              1. re: srsone

                I do a variation on this with sour cream and sliced onions. Slice the cucs very thin, soak in water and dry then mix in the sour cream and onions - yum!

          2. I make sausage rolls that are widely acclaimed and celebrated (I have been greeted at a door of a party with "here are the sausage rolls" rather than "Hi Beth"). People were always asking me to bring sausage rolls to their parties etc. A few years ago I got so tired of making them for every single thing I was invited too that I proclaimed a "sausage roll moratorium" - I did not make them for a year. During this time, I happily contributed other offerings to events where the host/ess accepted my offer for a contribution - which was lovely, because I could actually make things I thought were even yummier than the previously ubiquitous sausage rolls. When the moratorium ended, people were much more open to having me bring other things, though everyone was pleased to have their first post mortorium sausage roll! I think people are a little less demanding now because they are frightened of another moratorium being declared ;)

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              1. re: AussieBeth

                For me it's the whitetrash cousin (I assume, anyway, that your rolls are classier) - sausage balls. Yes, they're yummy on a cold morning. But they're boring, a pita to mix, and require zero skill or care, just a strong back to work bisquik into sausage and cheese.

                1. re: shanagain

                  This is why a just and benevolent Deity ensured that I should have a KitchenAid stand mixer, just to handle ungodly chores such as mixing heavy, sticky ingredients for sausage balls, though those are only once a year.

                  No such labor-saving device exists for making deviled eggs, however. Is there anything else both so easy and so tiresome to do? Unlike the OP, I *ADORE* deviled eggs, especially the ones I make, but I wish they weren't such a PITA!

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    I.. I have a KA. I not once, ever, considered using it for sausage balls. If that isn't the dumbest CH admission ever I don't know what could, or would, be.

                    1. re: shanagain

                      This is one of those moments when CH needs a like button like FB. There is nothing more that needs to be said except that this comment made my night.

                    2. re: Will Owen

                      Exactly, I have serious hand cramps after making those damned eggs. The worst was when my niece (the one who *especially* loves those eggs and whom I dearly love) asked me to make them for a party of 50+. I was devilling for an entire day.

                2. the chili-lime tortilla chips that accompany my spicy black bean dip. if i ever showed up to an occasion without that dip, the sky would fall...and everyone always wants the homemade chips to accompany it. they're so easy to do, but it's incredibly tedious & time-consuming to make enough for a crowd...particularly when that crowd is going to inhale a double or triple batch of the dip!

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                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    similar.. pita chips and hummus. Doesn't matter how much I make, but both always finish. The chips are simple to prepare, but I can only fit two trays in my oven, so it takes an hour or more to bake them all. The hummus is easy, but squeezing all those lemons is not fun...

                    1. re: cheesecake17

                      yes, the tray/oven situation is what makes it so difficult! particularly because i rotate the trays AND flip each individual chip to ensure even toasting.

                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        exactly.. so it really is standing over the oven for at least an hour. storebought pita chips don't compare to homemade..

                        1. re: cheesecake17

                          yeah, corn tortilla chips are a bit more forgiving than pita chips in terms of store-bought being an acceptable substitute :)

                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                            I've made my own corn and flour tortilla chips.. similar recipe to yours. Takes time... and way better than storebought! Storebought may be ok.. but the homemade are much tastier.

                    2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                      What?! -- There are special chips to go with your awesome dip?? I'm assuming you've posted it on the site somewhere so I will do a search!

                      1. re: Niblet

                        We've split a recipe or spiced chili-lime tortilla chips to the Home Cooking board. You can find it here:

                        If folks have more recipes to share, please post them on the Home Cooking board, rather than in this thread.