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Dec 19, 2010 01:13 PM

Vegetarian in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam?

I'm going to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam in January and I am very excited.
However, I have heard that the only things I'm going to be able to eat are bread, cheese, and salad. Now, I love all of those things but I find it hard to believe that there aren't some great vegetarian-friendly places.

Any recommendations? Cheers!

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  1. Le Potager de Marais is a yummy veggie resto in Paris.

    Buffet van Odette is an organic place in Amsterdam. It's not strictly veggie, but has some nice veggie options:

    Many cafes in Amsterdam have some goat cheese (or brie) and honey and walnut type sandwich. So as long as you're not vegan, that sort of thing is always a nice lunch option. For fancy, De Kas is almost certainly veggie-friendly as they have a real focus on vegetables to begin with.

    There's a thread about vegetarian food in Amsterdam here:

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    1. For Paris, just put a search in the "France" board for "vegetarian" (search box in the top right corner of this page...).

      1. It's true that Amsterdam has been slow to embrace vegetarianism, but luckily there are a number of meat-free options these days. It's very rare to find a restaurant that has no vegetarian options on the menu at all, although some are definitely more exciting than others.

        De Bolhoed (Prinsengracht 60-62 - cash only) is a low-key, reasonably priced vegetarian/vegan restaurant. The three-course Asian menu for around 21 euro is particularly recommended. You can choose your own dessert from the enticingly named 'pie fridge'.

        Betty's ( is a fantastic, high-end vegetarian restaurant. It serves really inventive meat-free dishes and great wines. This is obviously reflected in the prices, but definitely worth a splurge.

        Small World deli and cafe ( has great coffee and sandwiches, many with vegetarian fillings, and carrot cake to die for.

        Have fun!


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          In addition to the above, I also recently discovered Le Sud on Haarlemmerdijk. It's a fantastic - and cheap - Mediterranean/Middle Eastern deli that is almost completely vegetarian. It serves everything from spicy hummus and tzatziki to roasted aubergine salad and stuffed peppers. Ask for any of the salads to be stuffed into Turkish flatbread for a sandwich or take away pots of things for a meal later.

        2. In Brussels, many places have a vegetarian choice - most Italian restuarants will have have something, today I had a pasta with wild mushrooms (champignons di bois) for lunch in a small local place. Try (Italian) or (Asian fusion).

          The Exki chain is probably 90%+ vegetarian.