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Where to buy a Falafel Scoop in London?

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After a great Falafel at Borough Mkt (previously recommended to me here!) I have decided to try and track down a scoop while I am in the city. Anyone know where to buy a decent one?

Many thanks.

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  1. OK I'll bite - what on earth is a 'falafel scoop'?
    Surely you just roll it into balls with your hands?

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      No its a metal thing you hold like a microphone with a scoop thing at the end. Heck, this description isn't going anywhere...(google images)...


      And while you're at it...


      Oh and if you want to save yourself the hassle of making it, I strongly recommend trying Maoz out on Old Compton Street.

      1. re: chief1284

        Definitely try Flafel House http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/661985

    2. If they are not using their hands to form the Falafel.....in the USA, just about every Middle Eastern place I've seen uses what is known as either a Ice Cream Disher or an Ambidextrous Food Portion Control Disher.......you can get them in different size fro 1-4 ounces.


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        If you order felafel in Jordan or Syria, they aren't round balls. They are more of a tablet kind of shape so you get crispy corners. So the device is more of an extruder.

      2. Probably doesn't help you much, but I asked my dad (the falafel master) where he got his and he said Kuwait. :-) Perhaps worth trying somewhere like Green Valley - even if they don't sell them perhaps they can suggest someone who might?

        1. http://www.falafelmaker.com/