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Good Soppresetta or small Salami ??? on Long Island good danish or german / east Europian etc

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I'd like to get some without any added corn syrup I'm not interested in long shelf life ....it'll be consumed real quick if good Thanks

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  1. Lots of good Italian pork stores for the former--Ceriella's in Williston Park and Wantagh, Mr. Sausage in Huntington, any Iavarone or Uncle Giuseppe's or A&S. Not sure what you mean by good Danish or German or East European but regardless, tell us where you are on LI--it's a big place.

    1. European Foods in Riverhead, everything Eastern European you could find here in the states. For German, Forest Pork Store in Huntington Station, worth the drive.

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        II live in the Moriches area but do travel west .Good I guess is flavorful and just as important NO FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP or other stuff I do love The Forest Pork Store .I they were closed

      2. Lombardi's Marketplace in Holbrook is fabulous. They are as good as any pork store in NYC. What don't they have!!