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Dec 19, 2010 11:22 AM

Can anyone recommend a Japanese place with equally strong sushi and non-sushi menus?

A friend of mine wants to try sushi for the very first time. The game plan is to order a couple of pieces as an appetizer and either proceed to a full entree if she enjoys it or bail and order something different if it turns out that raw fish is not to her liking. Can anyone recommend a Japanese restaurant with equally strong sushi and non-sushi menus for this culinary adventure? I'd prefer a place in Manhattan or Queens, easily accessible from Midtown Manhattan and reasonably priced. Not too fancy.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Your request creates contradictory goals. Its like asking for a really good fish place that also has spectacular dry aged steak. Possible but not likely. Generally I would say that a japanese restaurant where the sushi is as good as the cooked food is where both are of at best average quality. I think the reason many first timers don’t like sushi is because it wasn’t very good. I would suggest that for higher odds of a successful introduction to sushi, you go to a sushi place that focuses on sushi. Otherwise you risk an indifferent reaction from your friend followed by an order of shrimp tempura. In mid-town, there’s an abundance of choices. There’s always Sushi Yasuda, but that’s more on the pricey side than reasonable. But also on 43rd across the street is Sakagura. Not a sushi place but they have some fish starters that might make an easy introduction to raw fish along with many cooked items. Great sake choices too.

    1. 15 East is what you want. Sushi and non-sushi items are both wonderful.

      1. 15 East, for the sushi, sashimi, soba noodles, and the cooked dishes.

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          Agreed! We had the best meal ever at 15 East. We never found truly great sea urchin until we tasted at 15 East. Their tuna-flight took us to Japan. Oshideshta.