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Dec 19, 2010 11:20 AM

Clothes dryer to dry pasta

I know it sounds nuts but think about it- I have a rack that mounts in the dryer sp you can lay clothes flat and dry them without them gettin tossed around... Couldn't I use it to dry pasta and things like that? Does anyone know if this would work?
I'm worried the rain won't let up this week and I wanted to give my pasta away as a gift. Didn't plan for a week of rain as it almost never rains where I live. I think the air is too moist for me to try air-drying anything!

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  1. No reason it shouldn't work. But, I doubt it'd be needed. Even with the air at 100% humidity it'll eventually dry out; it'll just take longer. You can always play around with a warm area and fan/circulation to speed it up.

    My concern is not about drying the pasta, but about how some of the loose flour would affect the filter.

    1. Um, no. Please don't do that.

      The best way to dry homemade pasta is to hang them -- use hangers (see pic) or a clothesline that you hang between a door-frame or something. Even with humid air, or in inclement weather, it'll dry. It may take longer (overnight or longer depending on how thick your pasta is), but it *will* dry.

      Put homemade pasta in a dryer (even run on with just air and no heat) and your pasta will dry out and crack. Not a good thing. You want dry pasta, not brittle pasta strands.

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        Ditto - dry it slowly and gently. I'd put a floured towel over those coat hanger limbs but I'm kinda funny about that kind of stuff. Wouldn't want the dried pasta to stick to the coat hangers when it's time to lift them off.

      2. Sounds good! I want to dry them in little coils... Hope OT works out! I've read I can use cornstarch to help... Oh well I was hoping to make my dryer a multitasker!

        1. I was thinking you meant clothes drying racks, which is what i use, LOL.