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Dec 19, 2010 10:46 AM

Looking for clams

Well, once again I have a craving for fried clams but can't seem to find anywhere that does the "whole clam"...meaning not clam strip but the whole thing including belly. Does anyone know where you can buy whole frozen clams (not in shell) or a place that has them already prepared? Any tips would be much appreciated.


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  1. Clams in Ontario. I grew up in New England and I have found that this is something that I must let go of until I get back there on a visit. Shame I know, but that is my experience. Best of luck theamanda

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    1. re: paledin

      Good luck finding them here, I started a thread a few years ago too because I love fried clams also.

    2. I'm in a similar situation, though what I'm hunting for is definitely more lowbrow - canned clams. Chopped, diced, minced... anything but whole.

      This may or may not be helpful, but I'm fairly certain I saw whole canned clams at the No Frills at Coxwell & Gerrard. That was quite a while ago though.

      1. I think I saw some at T&T supermarket at Cherry Street, frozen and laid flat on styrofoam trays.

        Cherry Street Restaurant
        275 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 3L3, CA

        1. maybe im out of "the loop" but why not just buy clams in shell...shuck them and prepare them in said fried manner...or if shucking is out of the question...cook them until they open...chill them...remove meat...batter...fry...

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            Because fresh clams would taste too good.

          2. Theamanda, i haven't found a local restaurant doing the New England-style whole fried clams.

            Those frozen flats of clams are from South Asian waters and just about tasteless.

            When i get a clam-attack i buy either the fresh razor clams or the cherry stones at one of the local Asian markets. Just shuck and bread them after a buttermilk soak. Personally, i like fried oysters a lot better.