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Dec 19, 2010 10:11 AM

Breaded and Pan-fried FAQ

I am looking to make an almond and breadcrumb crusted walleye (fish) fillet. I vaguely remember from working in restaurants that there is a trick to getting the breading to stay on better, but can't remember what thae trick is. Drying the fillet in the fridge a few hours before breading, or drying the fillet in the fridge after breading? Hot oil, moderate oil? All I know is that when I milk, flour, egg, breadcrumb something in my kitchen all right away, I have problems with the breading staying on the fish or meat.

So glad to have a community for help :)

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  1. I suspect the problem is the milk....too much moisture creates steaming pockets in the hot oil. Your oil needs to be hot enough only for a little sizzle. Test by dropping in a bread sizzle, not hot enough. Once it begins to sizzle, it's ready to go. If you drop in two or more fillets, you may have to raise the flame to bring the oil back up to temperature.

    I also refrigerate after breading for 30-60 minutes.

    1. Refrigerate after breading. That allows the crumbs to form a more cohesive coating. Other options for the wet part of the process are mayo or mustard.

      1. My brother taught me a trick he learned at work for making chicken parm. Pat the chicken dry, then coat in cornstarch. Then proceed to the wet coating, then dry coating, then fry.

        1. Season with s & p, flour lightly, dip in beaten egg then fresh bread crumbs and right into oil that is hot enough. Should work fine.