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Dec 19, 2010 06:00 AM

Lunch Near Penn Heart and Vascular Center

Mr. Bean and I will be meeting with doctors at the Penn Heart and Vascular Center, 3400 Civic Center Boulevard, on Tuesday. We would like to go to lunch after the consultation. As we are totally unfamiliar with the area, we are hoping the Philadelphia chowhound community had some suggestions to offer.

Cuisine is not important - we enjoy various ethnic foods and food is more important than ambiance - but would like someplace where we can discuss the outcome of our meeting.

Thank you


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  1. Will you have a car or be on foot? There's nothing special with sit down service immediately around the hospital, but if you can get over to 38th-40th Sts there are a number of Indian buffets, a great Pakistani dive (Kabbobeesh), a couple Korean places (Koreana, Han Wool), a Thai place (Thai Singha house), and Distrito for upscale, haute Mexican. There's also a Bobby Flay burger palace, a decent falafel joint (Hummus), a Chipotle, and Capogiro for Euro-style sandwiches. Marathon is an ok modern diner-type place.

    You can also hop over to Center City, it's just as close as those places, but parking is a bitch. If you're on public transit it may actually be easier to get there (trolley) than the spots in University City.

    Closer to the hospital, on Sansom St, there's White Dog (organic/sustainable focused), La Terasse (French), New Deck (pub) and Baby Blues (BBQ, not sure if open for lunch) are all ok but not great. Avoid Mad Mex, also on that strip. Pod is just a bit further and is Asian fusion and sushi in a very modern setting.

    1. One of our favorite places is a Thai/French restaurant called Nan at 40th and Chestnut.
      If you have a car, there is street parking, but with meters. Otherwise, it would be a six-block walk east, so it may be too far.
      The food is delicious and it would be quiet enough to talk.

      1. Thank you both for your suggestions. We appreciate your thoughtful responses. While we will be driving in, we'd prefer to not have to move the car until we have to go home. 6 blocks is within walking distance for us.

        Thanks again.


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          It's six numbered blocks, but further than 6 blocks: maybe take a cab; it isn't that far. You could take a bus back and be pretty close.

          1. re: Bashful3

            Right. The walk is about a mile from the hospital to 40th & Chestnut. This is actually the same distance as walking across the South St Bridge to Ants Pants Cafe or La Va (both are also good ideas I think). The strip with New Deck et al is about half a mile. I don't think there's anywhere with a real dining room closer than that. Thinking about it--during the day, parking might be easier around those places on South St than around 38th & 40th Sts.

        2. Thank you all again for your suggestions and clarifications on distances. Fortunately, a 1 mile walk is very doable. I guess we will end up playing it by ear when we get there. If we have to drive any way, we may end up in Center City.