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Tom Yum soup in Austin (or other delicious cures for the common cold)?

Well Cold Season is here, and when my wife or I is ill, the other goes out to get Tom Yum soup take out. Who has a TY soup you like? Any other great cold-cure soups in town?


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  1. Our go to for proximity and deliciousness is the uber affordable caldo pollo at Maudies. we get this every night when we have colds. it's a light but rich clear broth with tender pulled breast meat, small dice softened onions and green bell pepper, cilantro, a touch of jalapeno, and avocado slices added right before serving so they're slightly melted over the 5 min ride home.

    1. Reputable 'hound Achtungpv calls Hao Hao's chicken soup "the best soup in town."

      Whenever I'm sick with any nasal-sinus-throat-respiratory issue, this is what I crave.


      The Tom Yum I had at Little Thailand was actually the best soup I think I've ever had in my life, but that place isn't in Austin, and I'm not even sure it is open still, given Dick's passing. Haven't made it over there in a couple years.

      Hao Hao
      1205 Round Rock Ave Ste 135, Round Rock, TX 78681

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        This is quite an old post, so not sure if I'll get a response, but I'll give it a shot!

        I'm curious about this chicken soup, since it's right in my area. All I could find on the menu online for the WC location was Pho Gai – is that the thing to get, or is it an off-menu hot & sour chicken soup? You've definitely piqued my interest :)

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          It's on the menu as vietnamese hout & sour chicken soup. I'm not sure why the old Chow location targeting picked a RR location; I frequent the WM (and many years ago, the Dobie).


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            Not sure if I said this before or just thought it, and the place gets maligned, but the best Tom Yum for me is Thai Kitchen.

            Saps and Madam Mams has a chicken rice soup.that's good for a cold.

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              Ah nice, only saw the pho – thanks for clarifying. I'll try this soon!

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              Since I didn't mention it the first time around, I'll mention the spicy seafood soup at Buffet Palace. It's the leftover kimchi and shrimp from the day before in a chicken stock. Super sinus cleaner. Kills any nasties in the gut, too. Ignore the over-cooked shrimp that's been simmering in the soup all day and add the fresh peel and eat shrimp from the buffet instead. They will sell you a quart container for $5 if you don't want the whole buffet.


          2. Dave,

            A friend of mine was just absolutely raving about a soup called Tom-Jeud Wood-Sen, at Titaya's on Lamar. This was just last week, so I haven't been able to make it over there yet.


            Third one down. She said that the soup is way better than the description.

            Obviously, I like several soups at Madam Mam's. If I have a head cold, the Tom Khlong or the Kao Soi works well. If my tummy hurts, then the "Rice Soup" works well. It has such a boring menu description that I never ordered it until someone else recommended it on this board. Here's another one that I haven't tried, but I'm curious about it:

            "Gang Jeud (Chicken, Pork, Beef or Tofu) Choices of meat w/ baby bok choy in very tasty pork broth topped with fried garlic and ground white pepper. Served w/rice"

            Has anyone had it? It seems like it would be tasty, but light on the stomach. FYI - I do NOT like Madam Mam's Tom Yum, one of the only things that I do not like there. It's way to thick for me.

            Elsi's makes a great pozole, but it is only served on the weekends. I guess I'd call it a "green posole," as it has a green tint to it. It is definitely not a red posole. I do miss the white posole at Las Manitas. Elsis is like that one, but it seems like they add a bit of green mole to the broth (which is a great idea if that's in fact what they do).

            Las Manitas
            211 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701

            1. I have adored every soup I have had at Lily's sandwich shop in the Chinatown Center. Deep, complex broths, slippery but firm noodles, and plenty of heat. The bun bo hue is very good and the crab soup is heavenly.

              1. I love the Tom Yum at Madam Mam's. Super spicy and good for what ails ya'. Also, Pho at Pho Saigon in Chinatown Center and Mexican Lime Soup from Galaxy Cafe. Shrimp dumpling soup at Din Ho and First Chinese BBQ are also great.

                1. usually i get my tom yum for free in conjunction with a lunch special at thai cuisine.
                  since i'm in far northwest austin, i consider myself "geographically challenged".
                  but, this is all good info for future reference.

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                    Try the Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups at Chon Som, Wells Branch/Surrender Ave.

                    Chon Som
                    2013 Wells Branch Pkwy, Austin, TX 78728

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                      this is on my staycation list of places to try.
                      the lunch specials seem really good.

                  2. I'm not a coconut soup aficionado, but I had a delicious bowl of Coconut Chicken Soup at Ming's Cafe this afternoon. It was spicy and a little sweet (but not cloyingly so). Maybe it wasn't the soup, but I've felt fantastic all day.

                    1. Traditionally, in East and South East Asia, congee is thought of as a good option to consume when you are feeling under the weather. It is best home made and for me I love it with a full bodied stock taste with the duck or chicken fat coloring it a very pale yellow. It can be very delicious and is not only meant to be had when sick.

                      Most restos do make it quite bland. You can find it on a dim sum cart with tea egg in it and season it to your liking at the table. TCNoodle House offers several varieties on the menu ---it gets a special section as "porridge." I prefer their chao do bien or seafood congee there, but it is inconsistent and sometimes the broth is totally flavorless. If I am craving it but too lazy to make it (perhaps because I am feeling under the weather), I have sent a family member to pick it up to go and then doctored it up with a stock cube and some white pepper.

                      Pho is the beefy chicken soup for my soul and I often have that when I have a slight cold or am having a hard time with allergies. Austin has a lot of great pho options. I frequent Pho Saigon, Pho Dan, Pho Hoang, and Pho Van.

                      I haven't found fabulous tom yam in Austin. I am eager to see which places posters recommend.

                      1. My husband and I really like the Tom Yum and Tom Kha soup from Maung Thai at 620 and 183. Their papaya salad is also really good and split with the two soups makes a nice light meal.

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                          i went there last week and didn't even make it to the soup.
                          i got the green curry and that helped with my cold-y-ness because of the chiles.
                          but i plan on trying it next time.

                        2. The Tom Yum and Tom Kha at IM Thai are outstanding.

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                            The first thing I thought of was the Tom Kha at IM Thai!

                            IM Thai Cuisine
                            5207 Brodie Ln #200, Austin, TX 78745

                          2. pardon the bump, but Deckhand deserves mention as perhaps the very best Tom Yum I've had anywhere. Their broth is spicy and rich (but appropriately thin), red tinged, and packed with fresh seafood (shrimp, fish, mussels). It simply tastes like the ocean. and you won't find a fresher oyster anywhere in town - and notably at pretentious places that charge 4 times the price per critter. oh, and don't skip the lunch michelada in a frozen mug. Paul Qui's pick for oysters as well. http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/a...

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                              You know, I had this place as a "must" and it fell off the radar. I suspect we'll be there for lunch Saturday.

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                                if you do go, and love garlic and don't mind tasting it on your breath the rest of the day - the limey green oh so garlicky deckhand sauce is good on virtually everything, especially the raw oysters. if we go we'll look for you !! thankfully my lady likes the raw ones as much as me.

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                                  Jeez, if slowcooked is all fired up about this place, I definitely need to go there.

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                                    Yeah, I need to calm down rudeboy - I get too excited by food - and none more than seafood. I'm an old school Chesapeake bay kid at heart and cut my teeth on the stuff the watermen and their wives in our extended family and friends made a living on and cooked up at least a few times a week.

                                    When you go and put the green sauce on an oyster (don't recall reading whether you dig 'em or not) - since they don't sell it - I bet it may cross your mind to steal some as it did mine.

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                                      looks like their website is down. do they have HH? wondering if i can entice some friends to go with me after work.

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                                        Yeah Dinaofdoom their website doesn't work, but they have a facebook page. I'm not sure about happy hour, but their standard prices are so darn cheap it's happy hour all the time. The micheladas are great, I lost my michelada virginity two days ago there (I'm a noob) and maybe you just always remember your first overly fondly. Their mugs are truly frosty too. I think only 4 beers are on tap, but someone mentioned one is Thai and really good. And I'm not sure about spirits. It was lunch and the owner gave me my michelada to try on the house.

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                                        Hey, no need to calm down on food, slowcooked. And I love oysters.

                              2. I love the House Seafood soup at Ho Ho Chinese BBQ on I35 & Parmer. Super good!

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                                  that's too close by not to try very soon. cheers!