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Dec 19, 2010 04:25 AM

I'm on an Eggnog Binge!

Not really.
I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a cozy tavern, near north, loop, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, etc. that could provide a nice glass of eggnog. A pre dinner appetizer would be a big plus.

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  1. I have a suggestion that I just discovered yesterday. It's a place where you can buy egg nog to go, NOT a bar where you can drink it which seems to be what you're looking for. But I found the most incredible egg nog I've ever had. They make it and sell it by the quart ($10-11) at the Delightful Pastries original location on Lawrence. It's very very rich and thick and full of flecks of vanilla bean. The daughter (not sure if that's Dobra or Stasia) said they get special vanilla beans from Tahiti. As the daughter said, add some rum or brandy and enjoy. Or even have some straight. It's a lot like a creme anglaise with a slight kick to it. Yum!

    My companion said the mild vanilla flavor might not be able to stand up well to added rum. And that might be true. This really is a lot like creme anglaise, with a strong vanilla flavor but without much of the tangy flavor characteristic of egg nog. So if this sounds good for you, now you know where to get it:

    Delightful Pastries
    5927 West Lawrence
    Chicago, IL 60630
    (773) 545 - 7215

    (I don't know whether or not they also carry it at their other locations in Lincoln Park and in the French Market downtown.)

    Delightful Pastries
    5927 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL

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      They have it at the shop on Wells - $14.95 for a quart and they said that you should order in advance if you want more than one at a time ... planning (having seen your recommendation) on picking some up tomorrow as a gift for friends along with some run I brought back from Santo Domingo ... which may overpower it but it will be fun to try!

      1. re: Siun

        $14.95??? I just checked my receipt and it was $10.99 on Lawrence. Either way, it's wonderful. Enjoy it!

        1. re: nsxtasy

          The person at the counter seemed a little confused on the price but then looked it up ... not sure if other items are priced the same from shop to shop but they gave me a lovely free cookie on my way out ... nice folks.