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Dec 19, 2010 03:03 AM

Homestead Waterfront

Is there any place nearby with some good food that ISN"T a chain?

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  1. Their is a restaurant called Blue Dust on amity Street, right at the entrance to the waterfront. I've never stopped, but have heard god things about it.

    1. Tough question. I'd recommend heading up to Squirrel Hill, plenty of non-chains up there. Even with traffic it's not much more than a 10 min drive.

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        and there's a soup place heading the other way... Saturdays only, I believe.

      2. there is Green Mango (Thai) - I haven't been to the one at the Waterfront but like their food.

        The Green Mango
        3462 William Penn Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

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          Green Mango at the Watefront is closed and is currently a Pizza place.

          I've also heard good things about Blue Dust but have never been. I own a business in the area and eat at Me Lyng pretty often.

          Me Lyng Restaurant
          213 W 8th Ave, Homestead, PA 15120

          The Green Mango
          3462 William Penn Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

        2. We went to blue dust last weekend and thought it was pretty good and definitely NOT a chain. when you go on amity to head up the ramp to the bridge, you make a left at the stop sign and it is right on the other side of the track. Very very big beer selection. They have pierogie specials and wing specials. Our sandwiches were pretty good. I had the pulled pork and enjoyed it a lot and was mostly happy not to be eating chain food. Please check it out!

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            Have heard the Gran Agave is Ok. Mexican

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              The beer selection at Blue Dust is spectacular. I've never seen so many Weyerbacher beers on tap!

            2. I have never been here but its close to the waterfront and not a chain.

              Dukes Sports Arena on 8th Ave (across from Walgreen's) has a full menu and great food,too.