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Dec 19, 2010 03:01 AM

Beemster Vlaskaas in Montreal?

Has anyone seen any Beemster Vlaskaas in Montreal, the dutch Gouda-like cheese that is rather softer and sweeter than traditional Gouda? Looking for some in the downtown core or points West. Any help appreciated.


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  1. You can buy Beemster at Fromagerie Atwater, but they ususally have the extra-aged (XO) and the light (I will refrain from comments about light cheeses...). I would suggest calling and asking if they have other types.

    1. Hello Fritzy! Hope this finds you well - indeed it is at the atwater market - although I am unsure if this comes too late - or try fromagerie du marche - L MacIntyre

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        Thank you Chery and Leigh M.! I will jot it down and pick up some at Atwater on my next trip. It really is a delicious and rather unusual cheese worth tracking down. I had my first chance encounter with this Dutch cheese inCape Breton of all places.