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Dec 19, 2010 01:01 AM

Rome Holidays 2010 eating options

I put together some information that is scattered around on the internet re: dining options around Christmas and New Year's.

I have to stress I can't take any credit other than putting together the various research others have done and published on their sites - did only some editing and translating at times. (Katie Parla at parlafood.com ; Context travel at contexttravel.com ; tavole romane at tavoleromane.wordpress.com (IT), New York Times travel section at nytimes.com)

I have included only the restaurant names (and only those where it is sure they will open on the stated dates and that are reachable to tourists, i.e. without a car) and the opening dates, left out any further comments. Almost all these restaurants are commented in this forum if further information is needed. I have paid attention to not including any dubious names that I found in other (unmentioned here) sources - if some of the names here are new to you, do not worry, some of the newest entries in the Roman dining scene are here and I know personally they are good.

Make reservations! These are not walk-in options!

Al Ceppo open on December 25th.
All’Oro open at dinner on the 24th and at lunch on the 25th.
Casa Bleve open the 24th at lunch and dinner.
Da Danilo open for lunch on the 24th and 25th.
Il Pagliaccio open on the 24th for dinner only and the 25th only at lunch. There will be a €155 prix fixe menu.
L’Angolo Divino open the 24th at lunch and at lunch and dinner on the 25th.
Palatium open the 24th for lunch.
Roscioli open the 24th for lunch.
Ditirambo open December 24, 25, and New Year’s Eve
La Locanda del Pellegrino Open December 24 – January 1 (?????)
Paris open for lunch on the 26th
Al Pompiere open only for lunch Christmas Day and the 26th
La Pergola open for dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Vino e Camino open 25th lunch
OS Club (ex Iolanda) open 25th for brunch (which is later than you think)
Osteria Le Coq
Pascucci in Fiumicino open 25th lunch (maybe also dinner, not too clear)
Giuda Ballerino open 25th for lunch (the hosteria & ristorante parts united w/ a single menu), and New Year's Eve with separate menus
Antico Arco open for NYE
Settembrini open for NYE
Margutta open for NYE
Glass Hostaria open for NYE

One special mention for NYE: If you are young-ish (think 25-40), speak at least some Italian, not want to compromise on the quality of the food (have eaten their food many times and vouch for it)
although enjoy a less formal atmosphere (no tables) and have cool music (but not a wild party) - the best hidden kitchen of Rome, the fooders, are organizing a NYE dinner-party with the 10 best dishes of the year. If you are capable of understanding the info in Italian under this link, it might be something for you: http://thefooders.wordpress.com/2010/...

Please add to this list if you know of any further!

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  1. Thank you so much for this information - until now I had found only Katie Parla's list. Am researching all the named restaurants right now. One question though: I had also found a lunch wine tasting on the 25th which we are considering as well, at a certain "vino roma" wine school. Is this the same person as the OP (vinoroma)?

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      tt_eats, yes that is me. If you have questions regarding the lunch tasting on the 25th, please write me an email (which you will find on the site) as I can't be talking about it here.

    2. Big, big thanks for providing this - I will not be able to use it myself this year but I am sure many will!

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        you are welcome - too bad you can't be in Rome at this time, it is truly very magical.

      2. Thank you so much for this post.

        Also would like to add that Etabli Restaurant and Winebar is closed on the 24th but open on the 25th.

        1. Thanks SO much. We currently have a reservation at Sa Tanca Crostaceria for New Years Eve (wasn't on the list, so I thought I'd include it in case the many options you provided are not enough for someone)... if any other chowhounds will be there, let me know!

          1. Thank you for the info, very handy!

            I'd also add The Perfect Bun, in the centre of town (Largo del Teatro Valle), which will be open for lunch 24th, Christmas and Boxing Day evenings and NYE...both restaurant and bar.