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Dec 18, 2010 07:57 PM

Chinese dinner on Christmas day, near Dulles

Can anyone recommend either a good Chinese restaurant near Dulles that will be open on Christmas Day? I have looked at this thread, but it is about a year old, and am wondering if anything has changed since then.

To explain a bit more, I will be breaking up a long drive by spending the night in Sterling, VA. If you have to eat on on Christmas day, it has to be Chinese, right? While I normally seek out restaurants that are reasonably authentic (any region, I am omnivorous), in this case good Chinese American could hit the spot too. Ah, childhood memories...

Thanks ever so much in advance. If anyone happens to be planning a trip north to Boston, I would be happy to return the favor with recommendations for restaurants there.

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  1. You may want to also watch this thread:

    Not too much has changed in the thread you listed. There are a good few Korean places further south, but that may be barking up a tree.

    I don't know if any of those are open, either. You may want to call something like Sichuan Village and find out, or any in the other thread above.

    1. Actually, most of the restaurants in Eden Center (Vietnamese shopping center in Falls Church, not terribly far from Sterling) are open on December 25.

      Eden Center
      Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

      1. Thanks, folks. It looks like there are a number of Chinese restaurants in the area that might hit the spot. Safe travels to all who are hitting the road, and happy holidays to all!

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        1. re: PinchOfSalt

          Happy Holidays to you as well. Going off of Lori's suggestion, you may also want to try Hong Kong Palace if you end up near or at Eden Center. It's my absolute fave place in the region. Sichuan fare (the English title is mis-named, obviously).

          A nice outing could be Eden Center - getting bahn mi or some other things early on, then walk around a bit, then head to HKP.

          Hong Kong Palace
          6387 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22044

          Eden Center
          Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

          1. re: Dennis S

            Thanks for the suggestion. Alas I will not have time to try the Vietnamese fare that is far better represented in the DC area than here in Boston. (To be fair, though, we DO have some good choices, just not as many as in your area.) The plan is wake up early, drive to Sterling, check in to hotel, go out for some dinner, return to the hotel, crash, wake up and continue on my way... Alternatively I might hit the restaurant first before going to the hotel, especially for locations along Leesburg Pike/7, in order to avoid back-tracking. It all depends on when I arrive in the area, which no doubt will be influenced by the weather.

            At this point I am just crossing my fingers that no white stuff is falling when I reach the Beltway. Past experience (and I have a fair amount) tells me that if one merely says the letters S N O W, drivers on the Beltway start to skid. Yikes!

            1. re: PinchOfSalt

              Just to follow-up, I ended up at Yen's Cafe in Ashburn, seated at the bar because all the tables in this small establishment were taken. Whoever it was who served me (the proprietress?) took VERY good care of me, comping me with a couple of fruit drinks while I waited for my meal, plus dessert afterward. The menu has some Taiwanese specialties, the atmosphere was warm and cozy, and the meal (I had Taiwan-style pot stickers and a huge order of Lion's Head (but not by that name)) was just what the doctor ordered.

              Thanks for all your help, thanks too to the DC hound who invited me to join a mini Chinese Christmas Dinner chowdown. I got that invite too late to act on it, alas. You folks are the best!

        2. It's a year later and I am doing the same thing - traveling on Christmas Day and stopping to spend the night near Dulles on my way to some holiday visiting. Anything new over the course of the past year? I am so grateful for all the help you gave me then. Happy holidays to all!

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          1. re: PinchOfSalt

            Gosh, which part of Dulles - southern end near route 50/28? If so, then east on 50 is 100*C. It is in the same plaza as a Harris Teeter. There was some talk of it on here not long ago.


            1. re: allicam

              I'll be in Sterling, on Leesburg Pike (route 7) and not far from 28. So, to the north. But that menu has my mouth watering, and I will be traveling west on I66 on my way to my hotel. So, depending on when I arrive, this could be an option. Thanks!