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Dec 18, 2010 07:08 PM

Suggestions for sides with a smoked ham shank

Usually I've made scalloped potatoes, sometimes homemade mac & cheese. I'll make a green of some sort, probably brussel sprouts sauteed with bacon.
Any good ideas for a different starch? I was thinking red roasted potatoes, but I'd love to hear anyone else's suggestions of what you make with a baked smoked ham.

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  1. why not combine the brussels with potatoes and do a brussels, bacon & potato hash?

    but if you want to keep the starch separate, maybe either an herbed white bean puree, or a parsnip or turnip gratin.

    1. Cole slaw and boston baked beans with lots of molasses, onions and bacon.

      1. Maybe sweet potatoes for a different starch? Nice contrast to the salty ham and very pretty too. Green beans or spinach also as a side might work.

        1. Sauteed kale or swiss chard or a cauliflower gratin.

          1. Slow-cooked green beans with white potatoes thrown in for the last half hour, and cheese/scallion mashed potatoes.