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Dec 18, 2010 06:40 PM

Spirits to go with Homemade Baileys

I'm have a late cocktail party- after most will have eaten dinner.

I am having around 20 people over. Im trying to come up with two drinks to serve to cut down on buying a whole lot of alcohol. Since it is a Christmas gathering, and it is cold, I'll be making homemade Baileys. I wanted to have one other wintery drink that isn't as thick and heavy as Baileys is.

Maybe something with apple? I dont want martinis, it's not that kind of party. But I do want something cleaner to drink than Baileys. Any good winter suggestions?


Happy Holidays

PS for food so far I know I'm serving stuffed mushrooms (garlic and goat chees). I am also most likely making nutella wontons. Maybe also olive cheese balls? and maybe a cheese platter, and nuts. Maybe hummus too.

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  1. Poinsettias: bubbles of your choice topped with cranberry juice. Simple.

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      I think that's a nice idea, but rather than using cranberry juice, how about Cranberry liqueur. The Cleer Creek product is absolutely outstanding:

    2. How about a Jack Rose cocktail? 2.5 oz applejack, .75 oz lemon juice, and grenadine to taste (.25 to .5 oz should about do it), served straight up with a lemon twist. Delicious drink, and a very fetching hue. Use good grenadine; Rose's is not good grenadine.