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Dec 18, 2010 02:34 PM

Karl S & His Scrambled Eggs - Tomorrow is Sunday Morning

Mrs jfood was out and about this morning so i decided to try a few of Karl S's slow cooked scrambled eggs. Two eggs, some half and half, salt and butter. I was able to keep the flame low enough so it took ~6 minutes to their cremy deliciousness. About 4 minutes into the process I added just a little extra butter.

And I am now not only a convert but a holy roller on this method. They are beyond OUTSTANDING.

Five hour later I am driving home from Laguardia and all I can think about is tomorrow morning is Sunday. Lazy Sunday. No Plans Sunday...and it is now a four egg, yup I am going whole hog and make a 4 egg plate of soft and delicious egg-perfection.

So to Karl S, I bow, take off my hat and thank you for the perfect scrambled egg technique.

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  1. oh yum! going to have to try those - maybe xmas morn! (is/was Karl S. a CHer?)

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    1. re: mariacarmen

      Oh, yes! Karl S is one of my major gods :) In Home Cooking, do a search for his name.

      @j: They are fantastic, aren't they?

      Here's one link:

    2. Those eggs are like eating clouds of eggy, satiny creamy custard. They literally melt in the mouth. Perfect embellishments are a golden-crunchy sourdough English muffin and some thick pepperwood smoked bacon. I can't wait till breakfast! Props to Karl and jfood!

      1. Karl S has described the technique as well as it can be described. But for the youtube generation, Gordon Ramsey has a video of the same method:

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        1. re: alanbarnes

          Thanks Alan : )

          It is so odd to see your name on here as I have known an Alan Barnes for years. I have never even considered that you might be the same person. Because? You evidently don't spend 12 hours a day on a barstool, lol.

        2. I concur.

          Soft Scrambled Eggs rule!

          1. Ahhhhhhhh.

            Thank you AlanB for the video. Three eggs (mrs jfood watching), a slab of butter and on-off a very low flame...took about 10 minutes. The on-off was a nice touch plus a soft spatula instead of a fork.

            Creamy deliciousness and 4 eggs would have been a little too much. Some toast with butter and strawberry jam, the NYT and mrs jfood next to him with her Tea...a perfect way to start another lazy sunday.

            Go Fins!!