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Dec 18, 2010 01:42 PM

Maple Leaf Square: any opinions on the bars/restos?

Haven't seen much talk about what's in the new Maple Leaf Square.

You have:

e11even - restaurant
Longo's - I haven't been in, but i hear they're a "high end" Longo's with an amazing cheese selection
RealSports - sports bar/bar/resto

I've been to RealSports twice for dinner. For pub food, its above average. Its prices are also above average. It has an extensive beer/draft list, but only its ales are impressive. the rest is relatively non-avant guarde. Food-wise, I've had the pulled pork burger, pulled pork nachos, fillet mignon and mac n cheese. the Nachos were VERY good and best shared between 3-4 people. everything else was ok to good.

hope to hear about e11even or the Longo's

Maple Leaf Restaurant
1076 Cardiff Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5S1P3, CA

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  1. Here is a little bit more about the RealSports bar:

    I thought it was not a bad option for a something-to-please-everyone type of place, although it is loud (fine if you're into the game) and not cheap (but not crazy). I had the meatloaf sandwich and was satisfied (having nothing really to compare it to).

    The Longo's is ENORMOUS. I am the kind of person that loves wandering around grocery stores just looking and this was too much for me to get through in one visit. I also found the layout kind of confusing. The up side is that they have a really wide selection of items, including good cheeses. I have only been twice so I hope that they manage to have enough product turnover to keep everything nice and fresh. I also saw that they do pizzas at lunch and would like to try that out sometime.

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      Well its good to have choice for those UFC events. Anyone tried it out? I passed by during lunch hour on Friday and there was wait!! I can't imagine how slammed it will get on an event night. I will try and give it a shot on Jan 1st and will report back if I get in :)
      I also saw a listing for executive club (I think thats what it is called) at ACC showing UFC has anyone tried that space yet.

    2. The Longo's is huuge. They also have an interesting beer place in their food-court-esque area. And giant salt-slabs to buy. I've only been once though, so don't know if quality will be kept high, but if it's like the York Mills Longo's, I'd be happy.

      Photos (still uploading. should be 6 of 'em when done):

      1. e11even - been there for lunch. Only place in the area that wasn't fully booked for 12pm! It was rather empty - so if you ever need a nicer place for lunch with 20 min notice, it might be one of your best bets. Even RealSports bar couldn't accomodate us. A little pricey, but nonetheless I enjoyed my stingray and tried the cheesecake, keylime pie, brownie, and carrot cake. Other orders included half rack of ribs (came with a knife and fork) and seared tuna salad.

        I was originally going to get the lobster mac n' cheese or at least get something from the regular menu...I normally don't order seafood unless if I know the restaurant does it well...but I've never tried stingray so curiousity won :P
        No bones (I was warned that stingray is often very boney and laborious to eat so I was relieved), and it was very moist and not overcooked at all. It came with brocolli - everything was a little on the buttery side. My friend enjoyed his ribs, but I didn't sample :P. We went all out on dessert - the carrot cake was tops in my opinion, didn't think much of the keylime pie or cheesecake. I picked the brownie, which was nice and warm with a scoop of vanilla...nice for a chilly day, but I still preferred the carrot cake (surprisingly). The other 3 all thought the brownie was the best (all boys! for once the girl was not the chocolate fiend). Coffee comes in a French press - I'm not a coffee-expert but I thought it was blah coffee (but for $4 I wasn't expecting a great cup)

        Service was very polite and attentive. I'm not sure how new it is, but I was quite surprised to find how empty they are - I suppose it's just far enough from the financial district to not be a regular hotspot. Easily accessible by the PATH. It wasn't stellar or O-M-G but it did the trick :-)

        5 people: 5 mains, 4 desserts = $220 incl tax & tip

        Erin =)