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Dec 18, 2010 12:40 PM

Aroma Indian Restaurant, South Portland, ME

Tried it today and was so happy to find that it is really, really good! They offered a buffet for lunch which included goat curry, tandoori chicken, biryani, ldli, and of course a plethora of interesting veg dishes like okra and asian eggplant. Great flavors, great staff, and a good mix of local and expat diners! The food has some heat - its South Indian I think - the kind that accumulates beautifully through the meal.

This is the first Indian restaurant that has clicked with me here in Portland and I look forward to becoming a regular!

Their menu is posted on their website:

Btw, I believe they are open through the holidays for those interested. Of course, call to confirm.

Located in the same building as Rockler, at Clark's Pond. 207-512-2200.

200 Gorham Rd, South Portland, ME 04106

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  1. Good to know about, esp. since the Portland Indian restaurants are, IMHO, pretty uninteresting.

    1. We love Aroma! Try the chili chicken--it is wicked spicy but absolutely delicious!! Also one of the few places in Maine you can get authentic idli & dosa--South Indian dishes.

      1. Stopped by there once & hit the lunch buffet late. It was tricky because you can only get in from the road into Home Depot/Clark's Pond, take the first driveway on the right. I had to drive around the mall because I was looking for a more direct way in and missed the entrance.

        They are not messing around. They had really great Indian mixed pickle (sour & spicy), naan, two kinds of dal ( a split pea one and a kidney bean one), rice, very homey potatoes w/curry leaves & browned urad dal, a sweet semolina dessert (think cream of wheat), and a couple of chicken things I didn't try.

        The owner told me they also offered both veg and non-veg to-go boxes for lunch.

        There was lots of southern Indian stuff on the menu (dosai, etc) but I didn't have time to try. They are actually from Chennai. Definitely worth going -- keep them in business, please!

        200 Gorham Rd, South Portland, ME 04106

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          I absolutely second the "keep them in business" sentiment! I'm not a dessert person, but the carrot halwa is like crack!