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Dec 18, 2010 12:29 PM

Best coffee/coffee shops in Santa Fe

Looking for places with really good coffee that are pleasant to hang out in for a while, usually during the morning. Can't find anything much on the board, I'd appreciate recommendations.

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  1. Downtown Subscription - best espresso drinks, with latte art and the like, good place to hang out (especially in summer when the patios are open). Some variance in the coffee quality based on who's working. Fairly terrible sourced pastries and lunch. NB no wi-fi.

    Counter Culture - cool vibe, good place do hang out, quite good food, especially the Asian stuff. I don't love the coffee, but it's fine.

    Flying Star - it's a local NM chain, but the space is good for sitting, the food is good, and the coffee is ok.

    Java Joe's - two locations, both fine, the space is a little generic. Good, not great espresso drinks and drip. Adequate, not good sourced food.

    Holy Spirit makes good espresso drinks, but there's nowhere to sit, it's almost literally a hole in the wall.

    Ohori's has a fun local vibe, but the house roasted coffee is charred to a crisp, and no wi-fi.

    Counter Culture
    930 Baca St, Santa Fe, NM 87505

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      So reading between the lines and from personal experience...Santa Fe is not a great coffee town. Are there are any local roasters with on site espresso? That usually means good coffee but is not a guarantee. I find it amazing that a city with such good food would not have good coffee. I did have excellent espresso at The Coffee House in Los Alamos but was underwhelmed by coffee in NM in general.

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        To my knowledge, the only place in SF that roasts its own is Ohori's, and as I said above, I personally think they do a pretty miserable job, charring any innate complexity that may have been there into oblivion. It's a shame, because the baristas are actually competent, but garbage in, garbage out. Not unlike at Starbucks, the over-roasting is less apparent in the espresso than the drip, as most people (at least in the States) tend to expect a darker espresso roast, but it doesn't change the underlying salient fact that I personally think their coffee sucks.

        The only place I've been in all of NM that pulls a truly outstanding espresso is the Grove in ABQ. Haven't tried the Coffee House in Los Alamos, I'll have to check it out next time I get up that way.

    2. Newish place - Dulce, near to Pyramid Cafe in that strip mall opposite Trader Joes. GOOD coffee! (sets me up for my Monday morning hike!) are great pastries (scones a little too baking soda heavy) - I didn't know Danishes could be that good! two local guys from Eldorado, definitely worth your support!

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        I completely agree that Dulce's baked goods are generally great. The cinnamon rolls (only available, I believe, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) are particularly over-the-top excellent. Agree the scones are a little meh, and some muffins are better than others.

        For whatever it matters, I think the coffee is perfectly fine, but nothing to seek out. It's Allegro, which I find to be one of the better national companies. As best as I can tell, Dulce hasn't sought out any hardcore baristas to pull their espresso, but it's as good a place as any to get a skim latte to go or what have you.