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Dec 18, 2010 09:42 AM

need a sauce to go with my stuffed quail (christmas dinner)


i'm making stuffed quail for christmas - the stuffing will be comprised of butternut squash and pancetta, and possibly a dried fruit element added to it. but i'm in need of a sauce.

sides will be buttermilk mashed potatoes supporting the bird as well as some garlic & butter roasted mushrooms.

I'd like to do something with a cream texture, but it needs to be refined and delicate. i was considering a a sauce i saw in Thomas Keller's 'Bouchon': creme fraiche & mustard with the remains of the deglazed pan. but 1. i don't know how well butternut squash and mustard would go together 2. after browning in the pan, the quail really only need to be in the oven for a short time - i don't know that there is much de-glazing remnants to be had from such a short time.

so i'm looking for suggestions for something sophisticated in texture and beautiful in color. all suggestions welcome.


- ian.

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  1. You wont have much in the way of remnants........fruit goes nice with might try dried cherries and or cranberries with some reduced stock , veal if possible , some cream fraiche reduce and strain. For savory same and replace fruit with some mushrooms or dried porcini.

    1. How about a fruity gastrique? Equal parts honey and good vinegar (such as banyuls) with about a cup of fruit, such as cherries. Simmer until reduced by about half and skim the scum as it comes up.
      Strain it and add a few fresh chopped cherries before you serve it.
      Great for make-ahead. Just warm before serving. Use like a condiment-it's not meant for smothering.

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        I like a port wine reducion with quail

      2. Pomegranate molasses and orange go very well together and make a wonderful glaze.

        1. Chop up some sections of orange, deglaze your pan with orange juice and toss in a sprig of thyme or oregano. When it begins to simmer, reduce briefly, then add the orange pieces and a splash of chicken broth; reduce by half. S&P to taste. You can soften it with a spoon of creme fraiche if you like; I wouldn't.