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Dec 18, 2010 09:29 AM

6 in 1 Tomatoes

Is there anywhere in the Boston area that sells 6 in 1 tomatoes? I wanted to try them for pizza sauce.

I know they can be ordered online, but was hoping to just go pick them up somewhere.


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  1. I have been buying them at Russo's for some years. I have not bought any in the past few months, so there is a tiny chance that they have been discontinued there, but I doubt it. Maybe another Hound can confirm they are still there.

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    1. re: PinchOfSalt

      I bought some at Russo's a couple of months go to make grilled pizza. They were either ground, peeled tomatoes or crushed. I'm not sure if they sell whole tomatoes, if that matters.

    2. FYI, they are only $16.50 online (shipping included) through the Escalon site for (6) 28 oz. cans. I've used nothing else for my pizza sauce for the last 5 years.

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      1. re: grampart

        At Russo's they are less than $2 per can, if memory serves, so if you are able to get them there, you may save considerably over purchasing online.

      2. What is special about these tomatoes?

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        1. re: Brock Lee Robb

          They are fresh tasting and very consistent from batch to batch. As mentioned, they make the base (which does need much addition) for excellent pizza sauce. I think they are the best canned tomatoes that I've tried.

            1. re: Brock Lee Robb

              you can get a case of 6-#10 cans (106oz each can) from a food wholesaler
              Sysco Boston LLC carries these.
              Ask your favorite local restaurant to do you a favor and order a case for you - It should cost around $33 per case. Sysco code # 1478429

              1. re: sysco kid

                Hmmmmm, next time I am at restaurant depot!

        2. I am not familiar with these.....are they better than San Marzano canned tomatoes?

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          1. re: Science Chick

            6 in 1 is a ground product for incorporating into homogenous things like pizza sauce.

            If you want to get into the conversation about whether San Marzanos deserve their vaunted reputation as compared to good quality CA tomatoes, that's probably another discussion.