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Dec 18, 2010 09:17 AM

Warrior Alabama: Big Daddy's Barbecue Is Back

How does it compare to Johnny's up in Cullman, Ken's in Pinson and Burns in Warrior?

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  1. I've eaten at Ken's BBQ in Pinson one one occasion and it was probably the worst BBQ I have ever eaten. Reheated and dry chopped meat with sauce that tasted like it came from a bottle - I am always suprised when I see their parking lot full of cars... maybe I ate there on an off day.

    Of course, the last two times I ate at Top Hat in Blount Springs the meat was reheated and dry. (It was in the middle of the week and the smokestacks were not smoking...) Top Hat hasbeen one of my favorite BBQ joints since I was a wee lad.

    I cannot wait to try Big Daddy's though!

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    1. re: ButtermilkMeeks

      We have loved Big Daddy's in the past. Don't go at the end of the day, though, as I have twice gotten the dried out cartilaginous ends of their spareribs which I suspect are the end-of-day dregs. I like the way Big Daddy does his ribs...smokes them then (I believe) grills or broils them with a sugar-containing rub to get a crisp caramelized crust. Their desserts are awesome, and if they are still frying corn, ya gotta try it. We will probably pay them a visit this weekend. I've only been to Johnny's in Cullman, but I quite liked it there. Haven't tried all of their offerings yet though. Both Johnny's and Big Daddy's are closed on Sundays.

      1. re: curej

        Went to Big Daddy's on Saturday. The intercostal meat on the ribs seemed good and tender. However, the attached skirt meat was way too chewy. I almost gave up. It seemed like the ribs had not been smoked long enough, or were cooked at too high of a heat, IMHO. The sides were pretty ehhh. I had okra and their fried corn (which I usually love). The corn was not as sweet-caramelized tasting as usual. That might have been the result of using frozen winter corn, but I don't know. Their desserts are usually excellent. However, we had a slice of carrot cake that came out ice cold and was a lot like eating a big lump of sweetened Crisco. REALLY disappointing. Big Daddy was not there and perhaps supervision was an issue....I don't know. I hope things improve. Can't justify the trip if this is the way the ribs are going to be consistently.

        1. re: curej

          Rolled by Big Daddy's last week the day after Bham got a little snow.

          Shut down.

          Probably should've called first but figured if he wasn't open Burns Barbecue would be.

          No luck there either.

          I reckon that tad dusting of snow had everybody shut down.

          Like my uncle used to tell his work crew "you boys would quit for the rain if a man spit in the road".

          Not a lot to eat in Bham [or Warrior] with a little white stuff on the ground.

          Thankfully Brick and Tin was open and it was fine.

          Ever been down to Northport and Archibald's?

          It's the finest barbecue I've ever had the pleasure of eating and I live a half hour from the smoked meat shrines of Central Texas.

          1. re: scrumptiouschef

            Scrumptious, speak on it, brother! I love Archibald's too!!

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              I've been to the wrong Archibald's (Archilbald and Woodrows), TWICE apparently. The service created intense oral negative pressure both times. The food was only ok. Tried to find the "real" Archibalds and couldn't find it (crappy Garmin GPS). Someone PLEASE give my turn by turn directions. And a Haldol. Thanks.

              1. re: curej

                This is *just* Archibald's - and the only service you get is across a counter, directly in front of the pit. The address is:
                1211 MLK Jr Blvd
                Northport 35476

                You'll see about three or four picnic tables set up by the road and an old blue GMC Jimmy (I think it's a Jimmy) is always parked there.