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Brunch at Emma's Ale House: thumbs up

kdgchow Dec 18, 2010 08:47 AM

Had a Saturday brunch with my wife and a friend at Emma's Ale House last weekend and came away very impressed.

They started us off with a basket of warm cinnamon rolls drizzled with icing, very tasty. My wife and I then split the soup of the day, an excellent sweet corn chowder.

I had the corned beef hash with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce ($12). This is not your typical hash: diced chunks of tender corned beef tossed with home fries. I broke the eggs and let the yolks run all over it - rich and delicious.

My wife had the vanilla bean french toast ($12). Large, thick slices of bread, eggy and sweet. The crusts were especially good - caramelized and crunchy. One could easily eat this for dessert.

Our friend had the quiche of the day: swiss cheese and fennel ($12). She got a huge wedge of quiche - it literally looked like half a pan's worth. But the quiche was surprisingly light. We also split a side order of applewood bacon ($5) - a large plate of strips, perfectly cooked.

Didn't get a cocktail, but the coffee was good, with free refills. Saw some folks getting lunch items - burgers, fries, etc. - and they looked good.

This was one of the better brunches I've had. A little pricy? Maybe, but I think for both the quality and quantity - we were plenty full afterward - it's well worth it. I know lunch and dinner at Emma's have gotten mixed reviews on Chowhound, but after having their brunch, I'm eager to further explore their menu.

Emma's Ale House
68 Gedney Way, White Plains, NY 10605

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    jhopp217 Dec 20, 2010 08:28 AM

    $12 for a standard brunch special with no drink (free refills on coffee is a given)? $12 for French Toast? $5 for a side of bacon? I've been there only once and after spending $60 for lunch, which consisted of a bowl of soup, an appetizer, two cheese burgers (which were almost inedible), a coke and a beer. I have written the place off my list. I've been to numerous places that offer the corned beef hash (freshly made) and eggs, with hollandaise, an english muffin, home fries, bacon and a free drink for the same price.

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    1. re: jhopp217
      rpk Dec 20, 2010 10:18 AM

      Examples, please.

      1. re: rpk
        jhopp217 Dec 20, 2010 10:59 AM

        First few that come to mind are Katie's Cottage in Yonkers, Stephen's Green in Crestwood and The Quarry in Tuckahoe. If you don't mind the canned CBH, you can pretty much go anywhere for a more complete brunch. If you don't care about the drink, try The Irish Coffee Shop and Eileen's Country Kitchen on McLean. In White Plains, I know Brazen fox does Brunch and I think it's $10 for eggs Benedict and $8 for French Toast (drink included). Not sure what it comes with.

        Katie's Cottage
        521 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY 10704

        Eileen's Country Kitchen
        964 McLean Ave, Yonkers, NY 10704

        1. re: jhopp217
          cubanat Dec 20, 2010 01:40 PM

          I didn't think that the prices the OP listed were so bad considering it was from Emma's where the pot pie is $19 I think it was BUT the places you listed are not exactly on the same level as Emma's. Sure one can go to IHOP or Denny's and get a better deal then at Morton's but is the experince the same?? I'm not saying that Emma's is a white table cloth experience but it's nicer than the brazen fox where you'de be lucky not to be sitting on last night's puddle of beer. Granted I'm not one that gets into the all inclusive brunch package deal either but let's compare apple to apples! For my money I think Ruby's brunch in Rye is quite reasonable.

          1. re: cubanat
            jhopp217 Dec 21, 2010 05:44 AM

            <the places you listed are not exactly on the same level as Emma's>

            Have you eaten at Emma's? I went there for a burger (a $16 burger) with my brother and neither of us finished it because it was THAT bad. He had French Onion soup (which you can make out of a box and have it taste good) and he said it was the worst he'd ever had. and the soup was like $8 or $9 dollars.

            1. re: jhopp217
              rolise Dec 22, 2010 08:29 AM

              We had a nice brunch last month at Caffe Regatta (http://cafferegatta.com/brunchmenu.html) in Pelham for similar prices as Emmas, nice atmosphere and including a drink. I had lemon ricotta pancakes, mom had eggs benedict w/lobster, ds steak and eggs, nice egg white fritatta. All enjoyed their food. I would go back.

              Caffe Regatta
              133 Wolfs Lane, Pelham, NY 10803

              1. re: rolise
                jhopp217 Dec 22, 2010 08:36 AM

                A friend of mine who is a Pelham fireman told me that place is really good. Lemon ricotta pancakes and the lobster addition to the Eggs Benedict sounds pretty good.

      2. re: jhopp217
        kdgchow Dec 20, 2010 06:01 PM

        Well, to compare to other brunches I've had in White Plains - I spent a couple of bucks less for brunch items at City Limits Diner. It was good, but Emma's was better.

        And I haven't been to many places in the NYC metro area for brunch where you get out for less than $10, unless they're coffee shops or diners.

        City Limits Diner
        200 Central Ave, White Plains, NY 10606

      3. m
        MRS Dec 18, 2010 11:54 AM

        Good to know! Wouldn't have thought they even served such an interesting brunch. Thanks for the great review. I might have to give it a try..

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