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Dec 18, 2010 08:23 AM

Sorghum Syrup in Birmingham?

Anyone know of a grocery store, flea market, or even a gas station that sells sorghum syrup in the Birmingham area? I'm trying to put a gift basket together for my grandparents...

The only place I've ever found it in the area was during Homestead Hollow in Springville. I know there are some vendors that sell it at Mountain Top, but that is not near Birmingham.

Whole Foods and Publix both carry a couple of varieties of molasses - but neither carry sorghum,

Any ideas? I don't really want to order something online.

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  1. Not sure if the Piggly Wiggly stores here carry it, but I picked up some locally made sorghum just this weekend at the Piggly Wiggly in Boaz. Might be worth checking out...

    Also, a lot of farmstand/produce markets will carry local honey and things like chow chow and jam. I'd check a few of those places and see what you can find.

    Piggly Wiggly
    , Warrior, AL 35180

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    1. re: johnnystiletto

      Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely have to map out my next trip through the northeast corner of the state to include the Boaz Piggly Wiggly. I called a couple of the stores in town and they only stocked molasses.

      However, it turns out that Whole Foods now stocks sorghum syrup - Muddy Pond Pure Sorghum - from just up the road in Tennessee. I happened upon some jugs on the shelf while looking for grade B maple syrup (which they also carry).

      My grandparents will be pleased.

      1. re: ButtermilkMeeks

        Another place to check if you put together another basket would be the Pepper Place market on 29th Street South between Second and Third Avenues (South). Bama-only products.

        1. re: Big Daddy

          Big Daddy, I actually put together a "Bama" basket once for a Bama-born friend up north and found a TON of local products at the Cowboys over on 280 just east of Drivers Way. Dreamland sauce (even though I'm not fond of their Q), Priester's Pecans, Buffalo Rock, Dales Sauce and more.

    2. Highlands has an appetizer on the menu right now that is a 27-month Benton ham on a salt and pepper biscuit with sorghum butter. I'm glad you posted this message, because I have been looking to buy some sorghum since I had the appetizer last week. Epicurious has an easy recipe for mixing it with butter.

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      1. re: tarmstrong

        I had the 27 month ham and biscuit last week...Wow, it was awesome! Chef Stitt was using sorghum from this place they deliver.

        1. re: mwr0978

          Holy cow (or pig)! 27-month Benton ham. Gotta try that one.

        2. re: tarmstrong

          The same app inspired me to make it at home; I found the sorghum at V Richards

          1. re: Bluehound

            This weekend, I noticed the sorghum syrup (Muddy Pond, too) at Murphree's Market in Cahaba Heights. 32 oz. jar for $5.99. They had a larger jar for a larger price. It is very, very good. Tastes like a perfect match for pork.
            I'm sure they've had it for some time at Murphree's and even though I shop there regularly, I've not noticed it before. Sure am glad this thread came up, but this was a great discovery for this non Southerner who has lived in the Deep South almost all of his life.

            1. re: Big Daddy

              Big Daddy, where is Murphree's Market? I spend a lot of time in Cahaba Heights at my BF's house, but I'm not familiar with it. Is it the produce market over off of Dolly Ridge near the intersection w/ Cahaba Heights Rd?

                1. re: bovinekid

                  Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out soon (in Cleveland, OH right now so it won't be for a few days). Do you know if they have local honey>??

                  1. re: johnnystiletto

                    Depends on how local you're seeking. The sell Alabama-made honey (did not check where), and Georgia-made honey.

                    1. re: Big Daddy

                      I usually buy honey from Odenville there. I feel like it's all wildflower, though I swear I saw some clover honey from the same producer somewhere once. Maybe it was there.