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Dec 18, 2010 07:57 AM

Your Best Goose Recipes, please, I need to impress his parents...

We decided to roast a goose for Christmas dinner this year. After finding fresh goose in our area too exorbitant for our budget, I ended up purchasing a frozen 4.5 kg goose. I'm new to roasting geese, so I would love your best recipes.

Also, as these seem to be fatty birds, please let me know about your best defrosting, roasting and rendering methods. And, finally, is it better to stuff or not to stuff?

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    I've made this one a few times. The gravy is tasty too! I defrosted in the refrigerator for a couple of days. If it's still frozen you can put the wrapped bird in a sink of hot water for a bit.

    I made a wild mushroom stuffing (cooked separately).

    The rendered fat is great to have around. I'd suggest keeping any extra in the freezer.

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      That sounds fabulous! And I have just enough Port on hand to suffice (and to sip a little extra on the side.) Any kind of roasting pan you'd recommend/use? I need to get new one because I finally demolished the last one...

      1. re: roseye

        I used a standard one. Good luck impressing the parents!