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Dec 18, 2010 06:00 AM

recipe for Pork Bread

In the Huntington section of Trumbull CT there is a bakery that sells an delectable bread, they call "Pork Bread" my guess is it is Polish or Italian or Hungarian in origin(just a guess) I need a recipe for this charming bread, so I dont have to drive so far to have it. I look forward to any help on its origin, and how to make it.

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  1. I've never had pork bread, but we have bakeries in Brooklyn that make a wonderful lard bread, with small chucks of pancetta in it, it's the best.

    Anyway, here's an Italian version I found on the web, or so it's called, I don't know what makes it Italian. The recipe uses cooked shredded pork; I would think pork from a shoulder or butt would be the best for this bread, or I bet you could use cooked bulk Italian sausage as an alternative:

    Here's a link for the lard bread, with a recipe, if you ever want to try a great Brooklyn experience:

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      No need to pre-cook Italian sausage. You can mix it into the dough directly in raw state, sort of like shreds, or roll larger chunks......Form into a Panella or long loaf. I've also had cooked sliced sausage with mozzarella....Parmigiano Reggiano is optional.

      i used to have a side business reselling meat and vegetable breads....sold a ton of them in markets.

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        I guess the fat in the sausage wouldn't matter, just adds flavor and moisture. The lard breads we get in BK are pretty moist with fat, I hate to say "greasy," because the extra fat is the beauty of this bread.

        What kind of vegetable breads? Did you have one with rabe?

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          Rabe was tried, but wasn't very popular.....regular broccoli, Pepper & Onions and spinach....both with mozzarella or cheddar....with or without meat.....pepperoni, sausage and prosciutto. One baker used all the ends from cold cuts which included turkey and salami, soppressata, cappicola, , prosciutto,hams, mortadella and etc.

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            It's my understanding that traditional lard bread from the Italian Bakers of Brooklyn past, used to used pork and pork scraps, render them down and then incorporate it into the dough....with or without Parmigiano-Reggiano, depending on their family recipes. Some would color the lardo with paprika to give it a distinctive difference to lardo without. Very few bakers do this any longer to to concerns about fat.

            1. re: fourunder

              Wow, I love the rabe bread, but I can understand why it wouldn't be as popular. Broccoli is a good one as well.

              Now I think on only meats used that I've eaten/seen in Brooklyn are prosciutto, pancetta and pepperoni. I can see salami being used sucessfully as well, soppressata, hot cappicola, nice.

              Sadly I don't live in that part of BK any longer and filled or lard bread is just not the culinary focus of where I am now. Lard bread is now very pricy, actually it has been for more than a few years. I should get a pancetta or prosciutto end and make my own.