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Dec 17, 2010 07:23 PM


Where can I buy fresh chestnuts in LA? preferably in tWEHO, Bev Hills or Westside?

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  1. TJs sells them in the shell by the pound (in a plastic container in the unrefrigerated produce section) and shelled and vaccumm sealed in both the refrigerated section (in 6 or 8 ounce packages) for the new packaging or in a red box (also vaccuum sealed) in the nuts section.

    I'd call and ask the store though, because the availability depends from week to week, but I see them regularly from november through december at just about any TJs.

    HAving fussed with the in-the-shell variety before, I much prefer buying the shelled meats and using those instead.

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    1. fresh in-the-shell inexpensive chestnuts can be found at Korean supermarkets. I know the one in the Koreatown Galleria (on Western & Olympic) has them right now.
      They also have shelled ones in small bags displayed all around a pillar between the frozen dumplings section and the kimchi.

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      1. Weather permitting, might also check your local farmer's markets.