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Has anyone made bacon jam?

I've seen recipes with garlic and some that were a little sweeter. Has anyone done this? How was it?

Here is one recipe I was considering.


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  1. I made this one a while back and was very happy with it:


    I especially love a grilled peanut butter and bacon jam sandwich. And you've just reminded me that I've got 2 pounds of supermarket bacon in the fridge that's earmarked for another batch.

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      I made this recipe tonight with two chipotles (instead of the suggested FOUR) and it's SPICY. Good though. I also subbed cocoa powder and a touch of Splenda for the chocolate called for. There is no coffee taste to the finished product IMO - it's just spicy, smoky and bacony. Yum. Definitely interested to try one of the bourbon versions mentioned below though!

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        bion, thanks for checking back. Have you given any thought to how you plan to use the bacon jam? I'm always interested in new ways to use it.

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          I just folded a spoonful into my omelet this morning - SO delicious! I think it will be great with any type of egg dish. I'm also planning to use it as a burger condiment and try stirring it into sour cream/mayo to make a vegetable/chip dip. Would be great in queso too, or stirred into mac and cheese. I was also considering adding it to ganache and making truffles, although that may take some tinkering.

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            Oh they all sound good...although the truffles...not so much (mostly because of texture). However, if you made turtles (chocolate, caramel, nuts) and added the bacon jam I have a feeling it would be very interesting.

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            I first heard of this when a local burger joint put some on one of their daily special burgers - I think it was a cheeseburger with caramelized onions and bacon jam. My roommate nearly died when he tasted it (I did not), so I just made my first batch of jam Wednesday for his birthday this weekend.

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          Oh! My! God! That link you posted has a link on it to a recipe for... drum roll please... Chipotle Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon! I think I've just found the world's most perfect food. I am SO making that this weekend!


        3. The bacon jam recipe appeals to me on many levels, as does the homesicktexan recipe. I'l have to give one of them a try.

          I recently saw, but don't remember where online, a recipe for bacon and habanero infused vodka, which would make an excellent cocktail base, to go along with assorted cheeses, good bread and bacon jam.

          1. I haven't tried it, but here is a recipe from Top Chef (Kevin Gillespie). It looked good, didn't take too long, and the judges oohed and ahhed over it.


            1. 2 questions--both the Nigella & texan recipes call for 1 cup of coffee. I hate coffee (I know) --since that is a lot of liquid to just 'leave out'--do you think I could sub chicken broth? Or any other ideas? Also, how long will this keep in the fridge?

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                I think you could even use water instead of coffee but... there really is no coffee tasted to speak of with just a cup.

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                  There is neither water or coffee in the bacon jam I made. Bourbon and you slow cook the batch for a good six hours.

              2. http://www.skilletstreetfood.com/baco...
                I bought this and figured out the recipe.
                Keeps about 2 weeks at max flavor in the refrig.

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                  I like the idea of bourbon. Recipe please? Thanks!!

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                    sparkareno, evils has it close to my jam brew; the other diff is I omitted the coffee completely and upd the cider vinegar. I thought the coffee took the jam in the wrong direction but that cider spike was heaven. Even cider vinegar and apple jack would work along with the bourbon. Otherwise, follow as described at the link. I made a large batch, doubling the recipe. I went to a very cool pork butcher for the bacon. Slow and low for six heavenly hours. Well worth the extra steps. Oh, I never added water. Just keep an eye on it.

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                      sounds good--thank you. I think I will put the pan in the oven so I don't have to babysit it on top of the stove for all that time. I'm sure it makes the house smell heavenly.

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                        got a crockpot? better than the oven.

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                      Bittman had a recipe in the NYT for things to prepare while the bird is cooking on Thanksgiving. We made it that year (2009) and it was unreal. Really REALLY rich, but sooooooooooooo good. Does it get any easier than this?

                      Onion Jam with Bacon and Bourbon: Thinly slice red onions and cook in olive oil with chopped bacon until soft. Add a little bourbon and brown sugar to taste and cook until the jam thickens.

                  2. i've made one with onions, port, bacon, maple syrup and sherry vinegar. it rocks. great on mashed potatoes, gratins, roasted brussels sprouts, grilled cheese sandwiches. so, so yummy.

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                      oh yes chez c, roasted brussel sprouts sing with bacon jam. I enjoy adding it to a cheese plate, in salad dressing, on eggs, even in pancake batter.

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                        holy YES! in pancake batter??? what a scathingly brilliant idea!

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                          this is the recipe i started with---why the olive oil was my first thought, so i eliminated that. (obviously, there is plenty of fat as the bacon renders...and you def can't taste the olive oil!). i use red onions, and sherry vinegar in place of balsamic, too.
                          i need me another batch...

                      2. I have used the one from Skillet Street food. A bit two sweet for my taste.

                        1. I made this one for my boyfriend as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Froze half of it and he is about halfway through the freezer stash. He loves it. I added a little sriracha for a touch of heat.


                          1. I used that recipe to make bacon jam for my brother as a Christmas present, with enough left over that my brothers-in-law each got a jar as well. It was a big hit. My brother was trying it on everything at breakfast, including pancakes.

                            1. I just made my first batch Wednesday from this recipe (and it's associated links to NQN and Homesick Texan) http://www.yumsugar.com/Bacon-Jam-Rec... for a gift. I used half an onion and a bunch of garlic cloves, but when those cook down they are sweet. The 1 chipotle I used brought no heat at all. I think the coffee I used was too bitter (I like it dark for drinking), because I had to add lots more brown sugar and syrup to get a good balance.

                              My feeling was that it's jam, not pate, so I wanted some recognizable sweetness. I also added a dash of cinnamon in addition to allspice and subbed cider vinegar with sherry vinegar/pomegranate balsamic. The jam didn't get to oh-my-god-good until I added a healthy squirt of Sriracha. And it really didn't come together until 2.5-3 hours - I did it in a dutch oven on the stove top. I finished it as she suggests with a bit of pom balsamic, but I did not rest it overnight. It is not greasy because I drained and blotted well. I also browned the bacon more in the first step to get more fat out.

                              I nearly licked the food processor bowl clean when I was done and I was thrilled that the decorative 8 oz jar I bought for the gift was not quite big enough, so I had extra for me! I did not use thick-cut bacon, but I think that was a mistake. I have another pound in the freezer that is thick cut, so I may use that next. It is sticky, spicy-sweet and something you want to gnaw off the spoon. I highly recommend making some!

                              1. I made the Not Quite Nigella recipe and gave it as gifts for Xmas. Great stuff, but the recipe yields only about 2 cups. I suggest adding a bit of coffee, and using really great quality bacon and hot sauce.

                                Here are my notes, photos, and changes: http://gasstronomy.blogspot.com/2010/...

                                But the best part about bacon jam is all the uses! It's an incredibly versatile condiment to have on hand for EVERY meal. Smeared on an English muffin and topped with a fried egg, on a turkey sandwich with muenster and dijon, and of course, on a hamburger laced with blue cheese. Here's a list of all the uses we've found so far: http://gasstronomy.blogspot.com/2011/...

                                1. Bacon jam is heavenly slathered on pork loin. Also yummy on grilled bread with a strong cheese. Although I have not tried it, it would be great with baked beans, lentils, folded into mashed potatoes, roasted veg such as Brussels sprouts and on a burger.

                                  1. I've seen recipes for bacon cinnamon rolls, so bacon jam would definitely take it to another level...

                                    1. I have to admit I had not even heard of bacon jam but this is something I'm going to have to try. I did make bacon vodka and never got up the nerve to even taste it. It looked like it belonged in a science lab. I've made Bacon Chocolate Cake and lots of Pig Candy but the jam sounds interesting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Just bought 10 lbs. of bacon.

                                      1. My aunt made this and two notations from her -

                                        1) be certain to cook at a low temp and be patient as when making roux, otherwise, the closer to "done", the easier it will burn.

                                        2) make it on a breezy, pleasant temperature day so you can open windows and air the house, else the great smell of bacon cooking begins to "lurk" and gets old quickly.

                                        1. I love bacon jam, I use a recipe with bourbon in and usually make a double recipe. We use it on paninis and in the bottom of the muffin tins when I do bacon wrapped eggs in the oven. I find it a neat novelty item for a hostess gift with a nice strong cheese.