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Dec 17, 2010 06:21 PM

Tam O' Shanter v. Animal v. Waterloo and City

Hi, I wanted to get the opinion of the gurus at Chowhound on where to go. A group of us (all self-professed foodies), were debating about where to go for our Holiday Dinner. A group wanted Tam O' Shanter for the ambiance, another group wanted Animal for its interesting cuisine, and another group wanted Waterloo and City for its charcuterie. While Tam O' Shanter is leading due to holiday ambiance, I don't know how the quality of the food is, and some people really want to try something distinctive instead. Any recommendations on which one would be a good choice?

Waterloo and City
12517 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066

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  1. I have not eaten at Animal (though I have been curious), the only place on your list I have eaten at is Tam 'o Shanter. I recommend it. Old fashioned enough to feel holiday right (with carolers!) but modern enough that their fish is excellent, not just their beef beef and beef. And their bar is killer, really lovely martini's and a good wine list. They are part of the Lawry family so you have that high standard - but they are a bit less than the one on La Cienega and you get a great "historic" (for LA) atmosphere as well.

    P.S. For the holidays, they also tend to have Roast Goose. Roast Goose! Pretty fun.

    1. Tam o' Shanter is good, not great by a longshot but good, old-fashioned roast beef sort of food. the atmosphere is, I suppose, festive in the traditional Christmasy way. Animal has by far the best, most interesting food of all three and a very festive, fun atmosphere that isn't terribly traditional. On the basis of food, Animal wins hands down. For atmosphere, it depends on what you want. I, for one, prefer the less stuffy, less old-fashioned atmosphere of Animal by quite a bit. I like Waterloo and City just fine - but it doesn't seem like that much of a celebratory type place to me.

      Waterloo and City
      12517 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066

      1. Thanks for everybody's great suggestions. The group decided on Tam O' Shanter and it was a beautiful choice, decent food and the carolers were icing on the cake (or horseradish on the prime rib, as it would be).

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          We brought my In-laws there for brunch there today and it was loverly. A bit on the kitschy side for my taste but the food made up for it and my MIL ordered the burger which was quite good. Word of advice, the Roast Beef Hash does not come with toast so it must be ordered on the side.