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Dec 17, 2010 03:34 PM

Berkeley Saturday farmers market

I'm headed down to lovely Richmond this weekend and am hoping to check it out. Any pointers from regulars. I probably won't have access to any fridge space since we're visiting the inlaws. One thing I'm hoping to get is lard from fatted calf( yes i'll find some way to keep it cold). Can you even get that w/o a preorder?

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  1. I think you lucked out a bit. This Sat is the last weekend Fatted Calf will be at Berkeley FM. I'd call ahead, like right now about the lard.

    1. My favorite things at that market right now are the hachiya persimmons from the bearded gentleman (don't recall the name of the farm, and I don't think there's a sign) and the apples from Billy Bob Orchards.

      The market's a little skimpy this time of year, relatively speaking (I believe a few vendors are gone for the season), but for prepared items, the stuff at the Phoenix Pastificio stand is always pretty good: I like their olive bread and their black bottom cupcakes.

      Never heard it described as "lovely Richmond," by the way. =)

      Phoenix Pastificio
      1250 Addison St, Berkeley, CA 94702

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        Ram Dass Farm has the hachiyas. As do others but his are great.

      2. Fatted Calf has a lot of stuff that doesn't need to be refrigerated; get some of the dried salumi, it's fantastic. Also go to Frog's Hollow for their pears (I think they still have some around?) and their amazing pastries.

        Fatted Calf
        644-C First Street, Napa, CA 94559

        1. Leaf lard is on their list for tomorrow, but you might want to place an order to make sure you get some, it might sell out.

          1. Thanks all... I thought about the preorder form but saw it said you had to before noon plus I'm not 100% sure I'll make it and I'd hate to think i kept it from someone else