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Dec 17, 2010 02:55 PM


I know it's early but has anyone seen rhubarb in any local store - either fresh or frozen? I wanted rhubarb crumble for Xmas.

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  1. fresh no, it's not in season, but I tend to find it frozen year-round at some Ralph's. It's been a while so you want to call them first, but the last time I bought some frozen one it was at the Ralph's on Wilshire & Hauser.

    1. Many of the chain grocers carry it year-round in the frozen fruit freezer section. If you need a "more local" recommendation, please indicate where you are (either the city and/or some major cross streets would help) - the L.A. area is a huge area and most of us have no idea where "local" is for you.

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        I did see rhubarb recently in a supermarket, but since I wasn't looking for it I didn't really let it register in my feeble memory bank. I am pretty sure it was in a Ralph's and I believe it was at the one on Jefferson (a block or so north) of the Studio Village Target on Jefferson in Culver City. I'd call though since it was 7 to 10 days ago. In fact, call your nearest Ralph's, but check a few others if your local one doesn't have rhubarb. I recall looking for Ralph's "Private Selection" natural casing franks and being told only "certain" Ralph's carried them.