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Dec 17, 2010 02:43 PM

Has Anyone Seen Prime Rib Roast at Costco?

or even Trader Joe's in Fairfield County, CT ?


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    1. re: stamfood

      Shoprite this week is selling "prime" bone in 4.99 lb. Angus 5.99 lb. At those prices, hunch "prime" is not the grade but the conventional name of the cut.

      1. re: louuuuu

        According to the circular I saw, it's UDSA choice "certified angus beef".

    2. I don't know if it's available in the southern part of the state, but I was at the Enfield COSTCO the other day and they had whole prime rib roasts for something like $10.99 a pound. Most stuff that's offered as "prime rib" isn't prime grade meat at all, but is just the term commonly used for a standing rib roast, whether the grade of beef is prime or choice. The COSTCO "prime rib" roast is specifically tagged "USDA Prime", so it is the true prime grade meat. The slab I saw was $118, but it was a big piece of meat for the price. I bought a standing rib roast from Highland Park Market two years ago. It was dry aged USDA prime grade. That particular four rib roast set me back something like $150. It was very, very good, but there wasn't enough difference between it and a non-aged, non-prime grade roast from the same market that cost about half that to justify buying it again. Given COSTCO's price, If I had enough mouths to feed, I'd definitely try their prime beef.