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Dec 17, 2010 02:21 PM

Recommendations for 4day Montreal+Quebec city trip


i will be staying in Montreal and Quebec City over the new year and i am looking for authentic restaurants. I work as an expat in Tokyo, where eating is one of the biggest hobbies of most people, me included. I don't want to waste time at a bad restaurant at all, however i don't necessarily need 3 stars. My only demand would be that the food is authentic. Costs are not important.

Looking forward a lot to your recommendations!

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  1. How many days in Quebec, new Quebec cuisine? French old style? and where will you be staying?

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    1. re: phyero

      1 day in montreal (hotel not booked yet), and 3 days in Vieux-Quebec.

      I would prefer anything that is typical to Quebec, "French old style" sounds like I could have this in France too, and possibly at an even better quality.

      I was also wondering if there is a chance to try good Inuit food in Quebec? Not sure if this is offered, but I assume my chances would be higher in Quebec, than in Tokyo.

      1. re: Scharn

        First and the easiest no Inuit food in Qu├ębec! But I can also assure that seal is really really not good, tasted it once a long time ago, it was like black, greasy and just I can even add disgusting!

        Some restaurants are closed so just give me your dates, I will check and be back to you with suggestions, knowing now what you want.

        1. re: phyero

          Here are the dates! Thanks so much in advance =)

          Breakfast on the 29th

          Quebec City:
          Dinner on 29th
          Late dinner on 30th
          Lunch and dinner on the 31st

          Dinner on the 1st
          Lunch and dinner on the 2nd

    2. If your looking for Inuit food and cost is not an object check out the Kuujjuaq

      P.O. Box 210
      Kuujjuaq, Quebec
      J0M 1C0
      Tele: (819) 964-2943
      Fax: (819) 964-2980

      They would love to have you spend the night and you will not find food more authentic.
      I know the timing is a little tight but if there's a will there is a way :)

      Here is a link to the towns web site:

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      1. re: hanklin

        Thanks! That seems cool, but I think it's just too far away -- almost 1000 miles and I can probably only get there by really small planes and its likely to take forever. Next time!

        1. re: hanklin

          Thanks also Hanklin, I will kept it in mind and maybe will be able one day to go and try it. We had a friend that is a pharmacist and use many days a month to go there. He told us it was a very unique place.