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Dec 17, 2010 02:10 PM

Revel opens tonight

Based on a single, first visit at a packed “soft opening” yesterday night, Joule’s new sibling restaurant, Revel, seems like a good addition to the growing number of places to get small plates of casual food to accompany cocktails, wine and beer. The menu has 3 salads ranging from $7 to $9, 3 pancakes ranging from $7 to $10, 3 dumplings ranging from $8 to $9, 3 rice dishes ranging from $12 to $14, 2 noodle dishes at $14 and $15, and 3 ice cream sandwiches at $5. They reflect the Korean-inflected approach of Joule, but with simpler more casual preparations. I liked most of the dishes, with the exception of the five-spiced duck balls and noodles, the sweetness of which was to monotone for my taste. I’ll be interested to go back when I don’t have to fight the hoardes of folks trying to scarf up on free food. Despite the crush of people and the strain on the kitchen to keep the food coming, the food was carefully prepared and overall was very tasty. Revel is located at 403 N. 36th St., near the southeast corner of 36th and Phinney. The official opening is tonight.

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  1. Picked up food from Revel for dinner on Monday and really enjoyed it. They've built an amazing space, too, to which I will really enjoy returning. And Seif was, as always, the food geek with the gigantic heart.

    1. Dined there tonight with a friend. We had spinach salad with sunchokes and miso, potato pancake, chorizo dumplings, squash dumplings, and tuna rice bowl. Cocktails were tasty, especially with the housemade tonic. Food was good, though neither of us will rush back. For me, if I want Korean food, I'll be happier going to Shoreline for full-on Korean - I remember feeling the same way after eating at Joule last summer. For my friend, the menu was too meat-heavy and nothing really 'wow'ed. Potato pancake was on the boring side. Not sure if the chewiness of the dumpling dough was intentional, but it contributed to them being hard to eat. Sat in the bar and both found the stools were not so comfortable.

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        I went to Revel last week and LOVED it. It's the best meal I've had in Seattle for a long time. We had the long bean salad with shrimp, the short rib dumplings and the rice bowl with seared tuna, escarole and fennel kimchee. The food tasted super fresh, interesting and flavorful without being showy and the portion sizes were good. I also thought the service was excellent and was excited to see Vino Verde on the wine list. I can't wait to go back and try the ramen at brunch.

      2. I've been reading about Revel for two years now and finally made it today. We both LOVED it! We shared the salad of corned lamb, mizuna and nuac cham for the dressing ($9). Best dressing I've ever had. Then the pork belly, kim chi and bean sprout pancake ($10). Again, a winner. It came with four sauces, a hot, a soy, a sweet and a miso paste. Perfect. And finally the rice bowl with short rib, sambal daikon, mustard greens with an egg yolk on top ($15). The short rib was cooked super rare on the flat top so was chewy but the flavor was wonderful. We shared a bottle of Spanish cava ($28) and the tab was $62 before tax and tip. It was A LOT of food. We finished all but the rice and the sambal daikon. I highly recommend Revel.

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          I always order the corned lamb salad to start with. To say that it "wakes up the palate" would be an understatement. Maybe not every dish that Chef Seif comes up with hits the bullseye, but so many of them do that Revel continues to occupy a spot on my list of favorite Seattle restaurants

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            True re the lamb salad! I'd forgotten the menu description and was going "what IS this?!?!?" :) There was hardly anything on the menu that I wouldn't try. Thanks for first telling me/us about this jewel.