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Dec 17, 2010 01:28 PM

Local source for feta in brine?

I first had feta on Greek ships and it was frequently brine stored so that is what "real" feta is to me. Now there are many dry feta types in the main groceries but the brined type has disappeared where I shop.

Some guidance from the local CHers is needed

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  1. Mona"s Cafe/Deli on banks st

    1. Where have you looked so far? I've definitely purchased or seen feta in brine within the past year at Dorginac's, Rouses, St. James Cheese Company, and the Byblos market on Vets.

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      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        I mostly shop N.Shore and the Rouses and Fresh Market didn't have it. I thought Dorignac's would be a good possibility but wanted to ask before I fought the crowds.

        Sanglier, i'll also check Whole Foods

        Efharisto for the guidance

      2. Whole Foods has their "365 Brand" feta in brine, a big block of it, that is good for everyday use, good value. They also usually carry French, Greek and domestic feta that is a bit more $ but a better overall product. Nice selection.

        1. Try The International Foods, 3940 Barron St, Metairie. They have an excellent Zer Güt Bulgarian Feta in brine; buy the 2 pound container, it is very cheap. By the way, feta can be made from cow, goat or sheep milk, and some producers will blend 2 or 3 milks, so the taste will vary from brand to brand. Try tem all to find what you like. The Zer Güt is my favorite.

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            I tried 3 Rouses, WD, Dorignac's, Langenstiens, 10 minutes trapped in the parking garage at the uptown Whole Food (never did get into the store) and finally scored at Whole Foods Metairie. I'll check the In't'l Foods as I go there for some Indian and Brit products but don't think of them for stuff not in a can or bottle.

            1. re: collardman

              I checked at the Rouses on Tchoup, and they don't seem to have the brand I used to get there any longer. Sorry.

              Re. Int'l Market: always, always check expiration dates on anything perishable. More than once I've forgotten to check and bought expired (and spoiled) yogurt, cheese, etc.

              1. re: uptownlibrarian

                I too have gotten stung there and am now careful with what I pick up.

          2. Go to the market attached to Mona's on Banks, they have a few different options for brined feta. I buy the Zer gut brand there regularly, and have never had a problem. (They have other worthwhile things to offer, like their fresh baked pita. Labna's good too!)

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              Thanks swampsue. I'm working on what I bought at Whole Food which is OK. Mona's is convenient so I'll check there when I need a refill.

              We ended up with so many cheeses at Christmas that I'm trying to fit a cheese into every meal and every dish to get rid of it. Fortunately the hard cheeses have an atomic half-life