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Dec 17, 2010 01:05 PM

Where's the pfeffernusse?

I need to "vent" that my local grocery stores have not stocked any packaged pfeffernusse cookies for the Christmas season. Only a couple of years ago, they were everywhere, and we enjoyed them through the season. Now- none in the supermarkets. Why not? They must have been fairly popular just a few years ago.
Inverness, FL has a Publix, Sweet Bay, Winn Dixie and Wal Mart. I thought Publix especially could order about anything, but more and more, they are saying "we have changed vendors..." and that was the response I got when I asked about Pfeffernusse.
We found them on a 1-shot deal at the Flowers outlet bread store, and bought a bag. Now, Flowers is out of them and we wished we had stocked up (they were not top-of-the-line, but...).
On a trip to Brandon (about 70 miles out of town), we stopped in a European gourmet deli and found wonderful pfeffernusse, so we have not been totally deprived. Just wondering where this mass-produced goodie of yesteryear has gone to.

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  1. If there's a World Market near you, try there - they carry a lot of European sweets. Archway does carry a seasonal pfeffernusse cookie - not sure if Publix carries Archway but if they do, they might be able to order them.

    1. don't know where you are in Florida, but the Fresh Markets here in Fort Myers and SW Florida all have pfeffernusse cookies, in fact more than one brand...all imported of course.

      1. I'd try Fresh Market for sure; I think the one in S. Tampa has them, but I'm not positive. I got some at the commissary at MacDill AFB--don't suppose you have a military ID??

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          You lucky folks! I have visited the World Market in Jax on some trips. Not familiar with Fresh Market, but I may have to get by there (south Tampa sounds like the closest) sometime in 2011 and rehearse my Christmas goodie run of December, next year. It seems all the stores have Archway cookies and even nice stand-alone Archway promotional displays, but no Archway Pfeffernusse. Thanks to all.
          Florida Hound