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Dec 17, 2010 12:46 PM

Romantic restaurant?

Thanks for the help here.

I've got a date tomorrow night and I want to make a really good impression. I'm fairly new to the area, though, so I have no good ideas. Are there any restaurants with a nice view of the city?


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  1. Vento is brand new in Dupont Circle and is VERY romantic and beautiful. It looks like a $200 dinner restaurant but dinner should cost you about $80-100 for two depending on how much wine you order. I think it would leave a great impression for a date.

    If you want to ease into it, try stopping at Scion right next door and have some beers. The beer selection there is excellent.

    If your date is more of a mixed drink person, I highly recommended Cafe Citron for Mojitos and other rum based drinks. Their happy hour runs until 7pm.

    For a view of the city however, I am at a bit of a loss. Tabaq Bistro top floor has a nice view, but that is in the chaotic U Street Area where you will not easily find parking. If you are metroing then that won't be an issue.

    I hope by 'city' you meant DC, otherwise this entire post is not useful to you lol.

    Tabaq Bistro
    1336 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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      Awesome, BBoyneko. I'm going to check out all those places. I'm brand new here so I'm flying blind. This really helps though. I was thinking of a nice place with a good panoramic view of the city and, obviously, great food. I think Vento would be cool though. I've heard a lot about it.

    2. Check out the rooftop at the W Hotel by the White House. Give them a call and see what the protocol is to get in there. Best view overlooking the White House and monuments.

      For a romantic restaurant and great food, try Marcel's

      1. I am not sure if you could get a reservation this late but I'd suggest 1789 in Georgetown to make a good impression. Food, service & atmosphere are really great, especially in the main dining room. There isn't a view from there but honestly there aren't that many places here with a view at all, let alone great dining experiences. Adour at the St Regis is also really good, and if you get a window table you can people watch. if you are dead set on a view and decent food, i'd suggest charlie Palmer's on capital hill. Use open and put a request for a table by the window with a view of the capit0l bldg. This time of year is the only time you can actually see it (bare trees!) Have a great time and welcome to DC!

        1. No view, but the most romantic dining room in the city (which also has the best service) is Marcel's.

          Jacket required, FWIW.

          2401 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC 20037