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Dec 17, 2010 12:19 PM

Korshi Korean Buffet in Centreville

Has anyone tried this place? Please forward comments and rating. I want to try this place. It's near my house.

Thank you.

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  1. Where is it? I will give it a try.

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    1. re: Soup

      It's in the Pickwick shopping center across from the CVS, on Lee Hwy. It took the space where O'Toole's used to be.

    2. I plan on going in Jan., using the coupon I got via Specialicious a few months ago.

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      1. re: allicam

        Please let me know after you tried.

        Thank you.

        1. re: David_Wang

          Just got back from dinner here using the coupon.

          It was very busy. Took a few minutes for us to flag down a waitress to take our drink orders.
          Sushi was constantly being filled up. Sashimi was harder as people would take platefuls as soon as some were put out. Some pieces of fish were still barely unfrozen. I had some nigiri sushi....good fish to rice proportion.
          The cooked foods were kept on smaller rectangular plates which helped from drying out. Rarely did I see a plate empty for long. I only had a few select things as I prefer sushi when that option is available. What I did have were very good.
          The raw meats and such for grilling at the table were tasty. Our waitress didn't come back soon enough so overcooked most of our food. The marinated short ribs were excellent.

          Staff....for a Saturday night, they were certainly short-staffed. Our water glasses were never filled without asking. That in itself took some time to flag someone down.

          Compared to Wegman's sushi: Wegman's is a bit better. I like the sushi at Arigato on Lee Hwy., the place inside Lotte in Chantilly and at Ye Chon in Annandale.

          Compared to Todai: this place is better because if the sushi is off, the grilled meats will make up for it. The Todai's on the West Coast have much better quality sushi than the one in Fair Oaks.

          Would I go back? Probably not. I am not much of a buffet person. I was willing to try this place since I had the coupon. If I am going to eat $30 worth, I'd want it to be good sushi and nothing else. For grilled Korean meats, I wouldn't really have to pay that much either.

          Yechon Restaurant
          4121 Hummer Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

      2. Just curious as how this one stands out among all the others? Is it new? Thanks.

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        1. re: Dennis S

          It's fairly new, comparing to all the other buffet places. Plus, it looks promising being a Korean and sushi buffet. Korean BBQ and Sushi in one place.

          1. re: David_Wang

            Okay - I just wanted to point out that in Chantilly or whatever (29/66) there are a LOT of Korean places. I saw Korshi and was interested, but wouldn't have singled it out from all the others.

            In all truth, I need to do some homework for all of these places - again, just checking why this one stood out.

        2. I live 10 minutes from there.

          Been there once a few months ago and won't go back for a long time.

          Sushi: Average. Wegman's Sushi was better.

          Food: Average, with some dishes slightly better than average.

          Staff: Rude, rushed. That's a big reason I won't go back. It's not like Centreville has a shortage of mediocre sushi/Asian places with rude staff.

          Yes, their's lobster.

          But they limit it to one per person. Fine.

          But, it comes out once per hour and frankly, I don't like having to "time" my meal according to their dinner bell.

          This is far from the neighborhood but in Woodbridge, the chain "Hibachi Grill" opened up and the staff is PLEASANT. All the entrees are nice and fresh and delicious, sushi is excellent as is the stir-fry bar. I'd drive 30 minutes to Hibachi before I'd drive 10 minutes to Korshi.

          But who knows? Maybe something has changed. If I hear a few recent positive reviews I would try it again. But until then, I'm not missing Korshi at all.

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          1. re: JEDIKNIGHT

            Thank you, JEDIKNIGHT. I wanted to try this place and it doesn't sound very good.

            I just wonder if you tried Todai Sushi Buffet in the FairOaks shopping center. If you had, how do you rate it please?

            1. re: David_Wang

              Todai is okay, but very expensive for the food you get. If you have been to any of the Todai in California, this one is comparable, though not as extravagant as some of the ones I've seen there. If you value quality over quantity, any of the nearby sushi places are better for quality and preparation. I like Sushi Yoshi and Yama Sushi in Vienna.

              1. re: dpan

                Thanks for recommendation. I checked out Yama Sushi's website that it looks very promising.

                I went to Todai for my "all you can get sushi" fix, usually once a month for lunch. I'd agree that it's not the best. But, I don't complain for paying $17 and get my fill of sushi. For these monthly fix, I go for quantity over quality. I went to the Todai buffet in LA and Las Vegas (LV) and agree with you that they are more extravagant then ours. I was definitely NOT impress with the Todai in LV. I thought LV is the "buffet capital" of the world and the buffet would be good.

                I'll check out Yama Sushi when I want quality. Thanks again.

                Las Vegas Restaurant
                7091 Security Blvd Ste 102, Windsor Mill, MD 21244

          2. I ate here today, w/ a friend, & I thought it was quite good. I didn't have the problems some have expressed, about being out of food, we got there when it opened, & it was a weekday. It filled up quickly, but service was good, water & tea were kept topped off, & our bbq items were grilled at the table for us. There was a large selection of nigiri, rolls, & sashimi-I had shrimp, hamachi, unagi, saba, & 1 roll-no room for sashimi. There were also salads (edamame, kimchee, etc,), soups & noodles (didn't try any), cooked food-lots of whole fish-bluefish, croaker, mahi-mahi, chicken, ribs, bacon-wrapped shrimp (yum!), & raw, marinated meats to grill at your table-kalbi, bulgogi, spicy & mild chicken, squid, pork belly, shrimp.

            I had a coupon, but the regular lunch price($16.95/weekdays & $18.95/weekends) seems fair for the scope & quality of the buffet offerings-oh, & the dessert buffet was very good, too. I would return. Now, I need to try Todai to see how it compares...