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Dec 17, 2010 11:22 AM

Do You Ever Feel Like Nothing Can Come Close?

We had apple pie at the Apple Pie Bakery at the CIA. It was the absolute best apple pie that my husband and I ever had. We still talk about it. And whenever I taste another apple pie, I immediately think of that apple pie. And even if the pie is good....nothing has come close.

Same thing after having croissants in Paris. Most of the time I think "why waste the calories" cause I know it isn't going to be as good.

Does anyone else feel this way about a dish that they've had?

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  1. Absolutely. I think there's something also about eating it at a particular time and place that adds to the dish itself.

    An assiette de fruits de mer in Calais

    Pizza at a little backstreet place in Bardolino.

    Fish & chips at the Magpie Cafe in Whitby

    Braised turbot, as part of a tasting menu, at Seasalter.

    These were plates of food that define how I now think of the dish.

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      Fish and chips at Magpie is the best on the planet (or at least in my books)! Well worth the wait (although last time we were there in shoulder season which was better).

      1. re: chefathome

        Amazing how such a simple thing can be done so badly. My favourites are from the Anstruther Fish Bar. There's another one in Musselbrugh near the race course but I can never remember its name. You'll recognise it from the constant queue at teatime.

    2. I completely agree on the Apple Pie at CIA. One of my interns brought me one as a birthday cake last year and I was floored. DH and I took a ride up there over the summer to get one, but the bakery was closed on the day we went. AAGGHH!!

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        I'm so glad to hear that someone else feels the same way about that pie! For the last two years I've called to see if they would ship one for Thanksgiving, but they won't. I've got to have that pie again!

      2. For our wedding cake, we had a carrot cake that was incredible. It was so good that I didn't even care that I had specified NO PINK FLOWERS and, of course, that is exactly what they covered it in. I have made carrot cakes, bought carrot cakes, and been given carrot cakes and yet not one has come close to that cake. Everyone agreed it was phenomenal. No raisins, no nuts, just moist carrot & spice flavors.

        1. I can count about three things that I feel this way about. I try to keep it in perspective and look at it as a specific event in time. I've actually gone back to the same place for the same thing and been let down. I wonder sometimes if it's just a case of our minds glorifying the actual experience beyond any kind of realistic expectation.

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          1. re: ladybugthepug

            We were in Paris about 2 years ago and went to Gerard Mulot. This is considered one of the best pastry shops in Paris. I had a peach tart and it was so incredible that the next day we went again and I had my husband take a photo of it to hang in our kitchen. 6 months ago we were able to stop in Paris just for a few nights. Again we went to Gerard Mulot for that peach tart and it was just as incredible as I had remembered.

            If I was on the show, "the Best Thing I've Ever Tasted", the peach tart from Gerard Mulot would be featured.

          2. My grandma's (deceased in 1987) fried chicken was hands down the best I've ever eaten. I'll never see its like again, and I'll go to my grave missing it.

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            1. re: Perilagu Khan

              Wahoo, cooked on an open fire on a beach in coastal Cuba. Cooked by locals who really knew the value and taste of just caught fresh fish.

              1. re: ospreycove

                Imagine what they could do with a boat. Nice of you to share your catch.

                1. re: ospreycove

                  that reminds me of the time I was 16 working part time at a small town cafe in Rural Alberta (Canada). My boss, a little old, Ukrainian man would go out ice fishing the day he knew his family was coming into town. We'd close the cafe a little early (bitterly cold with no one coming in) and he'd fry fresh perch in a pan loaded with butter and sauteed onions and invite me to eat with his family. My gawd if it wasn't the best fish I'd ever had. Miss that man. RIP, Cassey. <3

                2. re: Perilagu Khan

                  That is precisely how I feel about my grandmother's cooking. I will never taste it again, and I will miss it forever.