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Dec 17, 2010 08:56 AM

Bad news... good News. Jaipur closed? Desi Village is awesome

I hadn't ordered from Jaipur in KOP in ages, but had been craving their lamb bryanni so I attempted to call in my order...the phone rang and rang, and then went to an automated voice mail message....
(If anyone knows if this is a permanent closing, please let me know, I did love their food)

so instead I tried Desi Village over on South Gulf Road. I got Aloo Chorey (I'll ease into lamb bryani another time0

Very very good, just enough heat, spices are nicely balanced, the potatoes are perfectly cooked and the chick peas are nice and firm (but not too much, no unexpected chrunchies)

The portion is HUGE, more than enough for two people.

I also decided to try something new... pani puri, which I think I'm probably just not a fan of, rather than it wasn't executed properly
they're little puffs totally airy in the middle but they have little taste to themselves (the dipping sauce is tasty and I'm taking it home and will have fun figuring out what else I can use it for)

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  1. Well Desi village is the best Indian/pakistani restaurant in the area. I'm glad you realized it.

    They have the best stuff off the menu.

    And they also have the best buffet by far....better than Taste of India, Chinnar and Bawarchi.

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      Best buffet is Desi, but best eat in or take-out is Chinnar IMHO. Desi's buffet is LARGE, varied and pretty impressive. But from a take-out perspective, I have always had better luck with Chinnar. Taste of India isn't in the same class as Desi or Chinnar for my tastes.

      Taste of India
      348 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901

      1. re: alwayson

        Suggestions for best dish at Desi? I'm hooked and plan on visiting often!

        1. re: cgarner

          I say anything with a good "sauce"

          I HATE dry dishes like tandoori chicken.