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Dec 17, 2010 08:47 AM

Fresh (or frozen if I have to) Goose? Shoreline eastern Connecticut?

So I am thinking about trying something new for Christmas Eve....

having enjoyed roast goose in germany recently....I cannot get it out of my head.

My local purveyors do not have any on the shelf......I plan to go back and ask a few if they would order it

I am wondering if any of you know if GOOSE is carried by any food spots, preferably fresh!

Again, prefer shoreline merchant - but willing to go to New Haven or Middletown if you are sure they have it there!

Thanks again Hounds!

PS: attached a photo of my recent goose meal..was def YUM!

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  1. Hi few,
    I"m actually writing an article on this right now for the CT Post! Spic & Span market in Southport has geese. He just got a delivery yesterday. (Do you happen to live in Fairfield or Westport? Looking for people in these towns who are cooking a goose!)

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    1. re: foodwtr

      Thanks for the info....but no, I dont live over that way......However, I may end up taking a ride that way if I cannot get a goose around here!

    2. you can google Bella Bella Gourmet in West Haven...they carry duck, chicken Foie Gras etc....they may have goose.

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      1. re: lsambrose

        Thanks - I went to the website you suggested...nothing online there - but I think I will give them a call anyway and see what they might know about where to get one,,,,else I may be taking a ride to Southport!! LOL

      2. Not open Sundays, but contact Ferraro's Market on Grand Avenue in the east side of New Haven:

        There's a good chance they have it.

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        1. re: bagelman01

          I just came from Big Y in Stratford, and they had a whole freezer full of frozen goose AND duck.

          1. re: GatorMan

            That's nice info, bu I'm not the person looking for it. Your reply should have been to the OP <VBG>

        2. check out Ekonk Hill Turkey farm in Sterling, CT. Their website says they have goose.

          1. I saw them at Ferraro's yesterday. Go early the place gets mobbed during the Holidays and the close early and on Sundays