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Dec 17, 2010 08:10 AM

Olive Oil for drizzle on hot pizza slices...

Friends in Spain... I am in the USA and have many fond memories of a long ago visit to you beautiful country. Of all things that have become stuck in my mind... is a restaurant in Puerto Banus. I will never forget the delight of eating pizza at an indoor/outdoor business and enjoying my first encounter with a serving of a bottle of "pizza oil" . I was so impressed with the complimenting flavor that it added to very good thin crust pizza... that I actually paid a bartender to smuggle me a bottle, which I was able to take home to the USA.

It's been more than 15 years now but would still love to find a source for purchase of that pizza oil. Not remembering the name of the establishment... I only have clues to offer in finding the name of this oil.

My wife and I were in Puerto Banus, Marbell and it was a row of restaurants on the water, among them was... Sinatras, Salduba Pub, and perhaps Jacks??

I know this is a long shot and that the establishment might be long gone, even so... I would love to find a source for this wonderful pizza oil. I remember someone at the establishment said that the oil may have been imported from a source in France.

Sorry for the long rant... please help with the name of the restaurant and/or the pizza oil... if you are able. REGARDS.

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  1. Me think that it would be any commercial olive oil, "spiced" with pepper flakes, especially in a pizzeria.

    15 years is a long time, and a lot have change in Spain especially regarding food.

    And I would be surprised that it would come from France, since Spain is one, if not the leading producer of olive oil.

    Sorry it I'm not helping much!
    Good luck

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      Thank you for your kind words... yes there was red pepper very visable in the oil as were dried herb leaves on the vine. I have tried to make my own and was not very successful with matching the unique flavor of that oil. Regards

      1. re: Dirty Ernie

        We used to make it ourselves with high quality olive oil, pili-pili (the small red hot peppers / chili peppers) and a few sprigs of fresh thyme. Leave in a glass bottle to stand for at least a couple of weeks, shaking from time to time. The longer the better. Just top-up with olive oil as you use it, and shake before use. Any other Mediterranena herb can be used (rosemary in particular). I have seen it served in a baby bottle for easy sprinkling!

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          Thank you for your comments. I worry that I might be creating something that would spoil over time, especially if using fresh rather than dried herbs. Do you know if there is concern for mold or rot, etc?

          1. re: Dirty Ernie

            No problem because the herbs are not in contact with air. It will keep just as long as the olive oil on the shelf.

            1. re: monchique

              Good thought... I will just be sure to keep the oil level higher than that of the herbs. Now I just need to find the correct combination of peppers, herbs, etc.

            2. re: Dirty Ernie

              Max - it could have been French, weren't there some dodgy Spanish olive oil scandals 15 or so years ago? Thankfully in the past but I think it impacted the Spanish industry.

              Ernie - there is a risk with Botulism when you make your own flavoured oils (as the Clostridium botulinum bacteria multiplies in the anaerobic conditions in the oil) and so they should be refrigerated once you have made them and consumed quickly (within a week). I understand dried ingredients can be safer and heating the oil and ingredients can help. Commercial producers adjust the formulation of their products to avoid the risk.

              1. re: PhilD

                Phil, thank you for your comments, and you are absolutely right, the oil should be kept refrigerated according to today's recommendations from the Pastteur Institute. I certainly don't want to poison Ernie! We must have been lucky during all these years, keeping the bottle on the kitchen window sill... or maybe the amount of chili pepper inhibited the Clostridium.

                1. re: monchique

                  PhilD and monchique,

                  I would like for my name to remain Dirty Ernie not Dead Ernie... :)

                  So know I am back to trying to find out the name of the pizza joint that we ate at in Spain so I can locate that original source. I suspect that the oil was not exclusive to that restaurant. Here in USA they do not have flavored oil on the table to apply to pizza when it is served. Perhaps the title of my question should have been Puerto Banus pizza restaurant... so I could have an assist with the name of the establishment that served the oil.

                  Anyone know Puerto Banus?

      2. I do a lot of on-line ordering at LaTienda and have been very pleased with the products I've purchased. You may want to check their site to see if they have something similar. They are also very receptive to e-mail inquiries and you usually receive an answer within the day. They have a number or nice olive oils, including a smoked version that I like. In fact, I'm expecting a package today.

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        1. re: Pegmeister

          Thank you all... I have posted a simpler request for the name of the establishment.

          1. re: Dirty Ernie

            HI, did you ever find an oil you liked? I had a similar experience and am going to choose one of the pepper or chili "infused" olive oils available on A few have some very good ratings. I am also making my own with some dried peppers in a bottle of Whole Foods olive oil but even after a couple weeks it still tastes like plain olive oil. The recipe I found online says I need to let it sit for TWO MONTHS! Good luck and let us know.

        2. That;s very common in France, especially the south. Any nice maket (Zabars, Zingermans) will have a French oil just like that.

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            I've looked high and low around the San Jose area so I'm trying Amazon