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Dec 17, 2010 06:13 AM


Hi all,

My family (6 adults) will be in rome to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday in December.

I've been having a lot of difficulty finding a spot for dinner on New Years Eve. We would prefer something that is a la carte and not too fancy -- a cozy pizzeria, wine bar or enoteca.

I would love to get some feedback on our short list -- or if any of you have other suggestions that would be fabulous!
Thanks so much!

In terms of location we are trying to stay as central as possible so that we can celebrate on the streets with everyone after dinner!

Enoteca Ferrera: the reviews seem quite mixed for this place
Le Fate Restaurant
Ristorante 31 al Vicario

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  1. I would check out L'Angolo Divino, a winebar which is central, has an excellent wine selection, and serves moderately priced food. Here are the details:

    Via dei Balestrari, 12
    00186 Rome, Italy
    066 864413

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        Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!