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Dec 17, 2010 06:06 AM

Diners off 70 and 76

We're traveling through Pennsylvania next week, on our way to New Jersey, and my husband and I love to stop at diners for lunch - we're not sure how far into PA we'll be, but can you suggest diners which are convenient from 70 and 76 we can try? I think once we ate at the Summit diner?



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  1. Did you mean the Summit in Somerset? That's a pretty good choice! There's also a Waffle House very close to 70 (79 north to Racetrack Road exit) in Washington Pa. I know it's a chain, but they are hard to find here in the north. You might have some luck in Breezewood, although I can't really think of any specific diners. Here's a good website that might help:

    1. We always stop at the Summit for pie-they have a lot of choices, but my favorite is the coconut cream-the food is decent, too, but the pie is the real draw.
      Another place we stop is I78 exit 40 - turn left on 737 and there's a diner at the top of the hill (just across from the Shell Station-you can see their sign from the highway)-a very solid, basic, diner.
      Not exactly on your route, but just in case you happen to go that way.