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Dec 17, 2010 05:49 AM

Green Olives in Toledo

While in Toledo last year, we tasted green olives that were soft and lucious -every place seemed to have them--but I did not buy any as I did not want to carry them in our several country trip. I thought I could get them in the USA. Dumb. I haven't found any thing like them here so far. I don't even really know what to call them--other than olives like they have in Toledo:). Can anyone help me find a mail order place where I can get them--or even give them a name so I can keep looking with that? Thanks!

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  1. The olives you tasted aren't packaged and sold. Here in Spain, we can buy olives that are marinated and sold unpackaged (from a sort of bar: It's not an exaggeration to say that there are dozens of varieties. One store in my 'hood sells at least twenty mixes that they make themselves and are constantly changing up. A lot of bars and restaurants make up their own batches, too. Some of the most common types are called: malagueƱos, camporreal, manzanilla... You may be able to find them in jars (especially the manzanilla variety), but it won't taste like what you had here. Your best bet is to find a place that starts with raw olives and makes their own mix.

    1. Try contacting the "Adolfo Collecion" shop in Toledo: , The e-mail is somewhere in the "contacts" page.
      It is a wine shop / restaurant / delicatessen in teh centre of town (the also own a vineyard, a few restaurants and a hotel in town...) and we have found them very helpful. Cannot guaranty they sell the olives, but their home made "turon" is out of this world!
      Good luck!